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Canadian Educated Professional


The C.Tech. and C.E.T. certifications are recognized by employers, governments, educational institutions and the public in Ontario and across Canada.   

Certification demonstrates that you meet a high standard of academic excellence, are experienced in your field, and have demonstrated an understanding of ethics and your responsibility to your employer and the public.  

Start your application today and begin your journey to certification.

The minimum requirement for OACETT Associate membership is one year of applied science or engineering-related post-secondary academics from an OACETT-recognized institution.  

If you are not sure if you meet the one-year minimum academic requirement, please contact us at before completing an application.

Include information on courses or certifications you have completed in applied science or technology, and any supporting documents such as certificates or transcripts. 

To start the process to become certified, you must first become an Associate member and meet the requirements for this category of membership. 
Visit the OACETT portal at the top of the website and choose Sign up/Join. Create your profile and click on the Start Application button. 

Graduates from a 2-year post-secondary program in engineering technology or applied science generally work towards a Certified Technician (C.Tech.) designation. Graduates with three or more years of engineering technology or applied science education can work towards a Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.) designation.
You must have at least two years experience for certification. For C.E.T. certification, you need to provide a job description and supervisor reference indicating that you have worked at the technologist level for at least six months. The role of a technologist is typically one that members progress into after they begin their careers with technician-level responsibilities, and in most cases requires a minimum of three years experience. View the Profiles of a Technician or Technologist for some general guidelines regarding certification-level experience. 

The discipline you choose is related to your education, not your experience. The Admissions Committee evaluates your academic requirements based upon the discipline of learning, so if you chose a different discipline you may be assigned additional courses. If you need assistance in determining the discipline you should apply for, contact us at

View the various disciplines here.

For descriptions of disciplines, see the Technology Accreditation Canada Standards

For OACETT membership, we only require the basic document requirements (legal ID and education). You can then come back to your application at any time and complete your file with any outstanding documentation. 

For more detailed document requirements, please refer to the Associate Membership section of the website.

Complete the application and pay the application fee of $254.25. Once you have officially become an Associate member, you will be invoiced the annual membership dues of $333.58. You must pay your membership dues in order to ensure that you remain an active member. 

Click here to see the fee schedule

Please note that your application will not be processed until the application fee is paid. 

  • Once you have completed the application process, paid the applicable application fee, and provided the basic document requirements (legal ID and education), you will be sent to the Board to be approved as an Associate. 
  • After all required documentation is received, together with references, your complete file will be sent to the Admissions Committee for a file review.  This takes 3 to 4 months, and after the review has been completed, any outstanding requirements for certification will be identified. 

For more information on the certification process, visit the How to Certify page of our website.  

To see where you are in your certification journey, log into the portal, click on My Membership then Certification Details. 

If you are looking for information on an OACETT designation such as road construction or municipal infrastructure, visit our Designations page in the Members’ Area.