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Certified Membership


Congratulations! You’ve joined OACETT and are an Associate member. 

What comes next, and how do you become certified? Depending on the certification type you are on the journey to completing, C.Tech. or C.E.T., there are varying steps you need to take to become certified.  

The first step is to log in to your portal account to see the status of your application. You can find the login tab at the top of the website.   

Most Associate members can attain certification within one year if applying with the required academics and experience. You must certify within three years of your file review; if other academics are necessary, you have six years to certify. For more information on the certification process, click the button below.

Certification Process

Person selecting documents on a laptop screen

Step One - Documents

Step One - Documents

Three wooden circles with file review steps

Step Two - File Review

Step Two - File Review

A piece of paper with the words "English Language requirements" written on it.

Step Three - Language Requirements

Step Three - Language Requirements 

A man with his laptop writing an exam

Step Four - Exam

Step Four - Exam  

A bound report and a pen

Step Five – Technology Report (C.E.T. Only)

Step Five – Technology Report (C.E.T. Only)