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Toronto East Chapter



2024-2025 Toronto East Executive Committee
Pasha Mohammed, C.Tech.
Jayne Smith, C.E.T.
Clive Banton, C.E.T.
Neha Sharma
Secretary, Women in Technology (WIT) Representative
Lennox Canzius, C.E.T.
Chrispin Ajedipe
College Liaison
Chun Mei Yuan, C.Tech., rcji
College Liaison
Gaurav Bakshi, C.Tech.
College Liaison
Mohmmedashraf Patel, C.Tech.
College Liaison
Arulvathany Sivaskandarajah
Women in Technology (WIT) Representative
Eunice Resurreccion
Women in Technology (WIT) Representative
Olivia Yun, C.Tech.
Women in Technology (WIT) Representative
Ghassan Fayad, C.E.T.
Chapter Executive Member
Mazin Audeh, C.E.T., Fellow OACETT
Chapter Executive Member
Vicente Catilo, C.E.T
Chapter Executive Member
Willie Perez, C.E.T., P.Eng.
Chapter Executive Member
Message from the Chapter Chair

Welcome to the Toronto East Chapter

The chapter executive is made up of members who volunteer a few hours of their time to share their interest, enthusiasm, and expertise in building, directing, and maintaining a strong association and local chapter. Fresh ideas are always needed to maintain the demands of an active chapter. Feel free to contact us with your thoughts and ideas at:

Chapter Member Milestones
10-Year Members25-Year Members40-Year Members
Tomas Jr. Casem, C.Tech.
Andrew Bennett, A.Sc.T.
Karry Chong, C.E.T.
Alan Chakota, C.Tech.Felipe Melecio, C.E.T.
John Fong, C.Tech.Stephen Pickford, C.Tech.
Colin MacDonald, C.Tech.

Nasser Naeimy, C.Tech.

Noe Jr Padua, C.E.T.

Kevin Rampersaud, C.Tech.

Steve Rokanovski, C.E.T.

Satyendra Selvaraja, C.Tech.

Darrick Sham, C.E.T.

Mujataba Vahora, C.Tech.

Yikan Zhang, C.Tech.

Local Colleges & Partners
Past Event Photo Library and Recordings

In 2023

Toronto East Chapter enjoyed four events from October to December 2023 starting with: 

  1. An outreach presentation on October 5, 2023 organized by the College & Community Partnership department at OACETT and our chapter at Centennial College, Morningside Campus. The presentation demonstrated the benefits of being certified, and how students can benefit from getting involved with the organization and chapter.
  2. Our chapter sponsored a 7 hour in-person CPD seminar at Humber College on November 17, 2023. The seminar title was " Protecting GPS with Resilient PNT Solutions." The Barrett Centre of Technology at Humber College organized this event with the National Association of Broadcasters.
  3. The third event was a 2-hours CPD-approved tour of Toronto Transportation Control Centre on November 21, 2023. The event was sponsored by our chapter. The tour was conducted by Mr. Brian Fu, P.Eng, a senior engineer at the Traffic Management Transportation Services at the City of Toronto. The tour provided an overview of how the traffic flow is managed and controlled within the city of Toronto, including the monitoring of the highway cameras.
  4. The last event this year was the End of Year 2023 dinner for the chapter executives and their families at the Mandarin Scarborough restaurant on December 15 2023. The executives enjoyed the buffet. We were pleased to have the companion of students studying engineering technology schools at community colleges in Toronto.

In 2024:

1.  Toronto East Chapter has sponsored a 1.5 hours CPD approved webinar titled " Bring Creations to Life, Learn Why Intellectual Property Matters". The presentation was dleievered by Elizabeth Collinson from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

End of Year Dinner with Chapter Executives, December 15, 2023

End of Year Dinner with Chapter Executives, December 21, 2023

End of Year Dinner with Chapter Executives, December 21, 2023

End of Year Dinner with Chapter Executives, December 21, 2023

End of Year Dinner with Chapter Executives, December 21, 2023

Toronto East Chapter 2022 ACM

Toronto East Chapter 2022 ACM Executive

Toronto East Chapter 2022 Picnic

Toronto East Chapter Executive

Toronto East Chapter Executive

Toronto Transportation Control Centre, November 21, 2023

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