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Tech Takes Podcast


TECH TAKES PODCAST is the official podcast for the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists. Hosted by Louis Savard, C.Tech., the show offers thought-provoking interviews with industry leaders, government officials, academia and influencers on hot topics relevant to the engineering and applied science profession and the technologies that shape the world around us.

Meet Our Host

Louis Savard, C.Tech.

Louis Savard, C.Tech., is a member of OACETT's Member Engagement and Services Committee and is a manager, technology and innovation, at the City of Cornwall.

The 'E' Word: Understanding the ethical implications of new technology 

As we navigate through our rapidly changing world, where ethical considerations in innovation have become more critical to mitigating risk, organizations will benefit today from adopting stewardship and ethics to ensure technology is used to make the world a better place. 

Meet our Guest Speakers 


Mark Abbott 
Director, Engineering Change Lab 
Mark's Engineering Change Lab has established a framework of technological stewardship: a set of principles, tools, and practices that enable a responsible understanding of the role of technology and the professionals who create and apply it in everyday life. 
For information on Engineering Change Lab, contact Mark at markabbott@engineeringchangelabe or visit


Wayne Collins 
Professor, Computer Science and Information Technology 
Mohawk College 
Wayne has studied moral reasoning ability, and is directly involved in increasing ethics content in technology diplomas at Mohawk College and engaged in ethics as an extra curricular activity as the coach of the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl team. 


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From 3Ps to 3Cs: Building collaborative partnerships that drive student success

The future of work is changing. Students must leverage the right skill sets and credentials for present and future job markets. Collaborations between colleges, companies and professional associations, like OACETT, are becoming more important in achieving this.

In Ontario, the transition from a private-public partnerships model, or 3Ps, to a colleges, corporations and certifications, or 3Cs model, will improve the overall outcome of the student experience, build a vibrant talent pipeline, support industry and highlight the relevance of certification in this trifecta to drive success.

Meet our Guest Speakers 


Cheryl Farrow, MBA, CAE

Ranjan Bhattacharya
Dean, Faulty of Applied Science and Engineering Technology
Seneca College


Rebecca Sabourin
Dean, Engineering and Environmental Technologies and Skilled Trades
Georgian College


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Episode #3:Understanding Passive House Technology

The built environment accounts for 39 percent of annual global CO2 emissions, according to the World Green Building Council and Passive House is widely recognized as the most powerful tool we have today to produce buildings that help to mitigate these emissions. Ontarians like most people worldwide want a level of comfort and safety in their homes and passive houses offers that.

Meet our Guest Speakers 


Greg Leskien, C.E.T.

Greg Leskien, a certified Passive House consultant and C.E.T., an expert in the design, construction review, and verification of buildings, passive houses, and solar photovoltaic systems


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Episode #4: The Future of Nuclear Power Technology in Canada

Host Louis Savard explores Canada's effort to provide low-carbon baseload power to remote areas and heavy industry through the development and design of small modular reactors (SMRs) and micromodular reactors (MMRs). The episode discusses the benefits and limitations of nuclear power, as well as the design of reactors and restrictions on the use of technology.

Joining Louis are Lawrence Robitaille, a Technical Advisor in New Technologies at Langcore Construction Corporation, and Jos Denning, President and CEO at Global First Power. Lawrence and Jos share their extensive experience in the nuclear industry and provide insights into the pioneering approach of SMRs and MMRs.

Meet our Guest Speakers 


Lawrence Robitaille

Technical Advisor, New Technologies - Langcore Construction Corporation

Jos Denning

President, CEO, Global First Power


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Episode #5: Hacking for Good: Safeguarding the Digital World

Join host Louis Savard and guest Steve Vaillancourt, Senior Cyber Security Instructor at Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, as they discuss the importance of cybersecurity in today's landscape and explore how ethical hackers play a crucial role in stopping cybercriminals.

Meet our Guest

Steve Vaillancourt

Senior Cyber Security Instructor, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

Steve Vaillancourt is an experienced cyber security instructor and teacher who develops learning content and delivering training for several organizations, including the Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO). Steve has also previously worked as a web developer and IT security risk analyst. In 2023, he was recognized as one of the most influential holders of the Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) credential from EC-Council. As an amateur cryptanalyst and code-breaker, Steve ranked in the top 20 cryptanalysts of the MysteryTwister online competition.


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