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2023-2024 London Executive Committee
Natalie Beauregard, C.E.T.
Chapter Executive Member
Peter Nicholas, C.E.T.
Scott Brown, C.E.T.
Susanna Havel, C.Tech.
Narayan Parkash
Bijay Mainali, Assc., EIT
Sergio Cardoso, C.Tech.
Maharajan Mariappan
College Liaison
Kate Hatherly, C.Tech.
Women in Technology (WIT) Chapter Representative
William Climie, C.E.T., Fellow OACETT
Chapter Executive Member
Candice McPhail, C.Tech.
Chapter Executive Member
Zahid Hashmi, C.Tech.
Chapter Executive Member
Message from the Chapter Chair

Welcome, on behalf of the London Chapter Executive, to our Chapter Web Page! We are one of the most active Chapters in Ontario, and you are encouraged to keep reading and discover the program events we outlined in our May Executive Meeting. Also check out the Ontario Technologist - Chapters at Work for London Chapter news. 

Since 1985, the Kia Lahde, C.E.T. - Student Awards outreach program has presented Certificates of Recognition, congratulatory letters, and a cheque to high school graduates with high marks, who have been accepted into an OACETT recognized college program. This year (2023), the high schools have submitted eight applications, and all are approved. Congrats to these potentially future OACETT Members! 

 Our Program for 2023 - 2024 includes: 

  1. Looking to set up meetings in other Counties within the Chapter boundary. 

  1. June 1/15/28/29 - Kia Lahde, C.E.T. - Student Awards at seven graduations. 

  1. September 13 - General Meeting with possible CPD at Fanshawe College. 

  1. October 11 - Executive Business Meeting. 

  1. October 13 - Kia Lahde, C.E.T. - Student Award at a graduation ceremony. 

  1. October 25 - 27 - suggested tour of the Paradigm Distillery. 

  1. November 18 - suggested Bring Your Kid to the Childrens' Museum Saturday. 

  1. November 24 or December 1 - Seasonal Party - details to be announced. 

  1. January 10, 2024 - Executive Business Meeting. 

  1. January TBA - suggested Meet & Greet evening at Fanshawe College. 

  1. February 24 - WIT Pottery event. 

  1. March 2 - suggested NEM event for high school/college students / Members. 

  1. March 13 -  Executive Business Meeting. 

  1. April 10 - London Chapter Annual Meeting. 

 We have a Professional Development Program to assist members needing advice about upgrading from Associate Member to Certified Technician or Certified Technologist, or from C.Tech. to C.E.T. Please send your requests to and give your career path a step up. 

Our Women In Technology Representative is active with the provincial WIT network.  We encourage our women Associates, Technicians, and Technologists to engage with this growing group to support each other and encourage girls to consider the rewarding world of a career in technology. 

For social media buffs, Members can join our London Chapter LinkedIn web page, as well as view our Facebook page. 

Any questions, comments, or concerns may be sent to    

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Keith Hill 
Chad Archibald
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Andrew Marczenko 

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Joshua Wright 

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