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Technology Professionals Canada (TPC) is an alliance of engineering and applied science technology professional organizations whose primary function is to better protect the Canadian public by regulating the conduct of engineering technology and applied science professionals. The alliance was founded in 2010 by Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. In March 2020, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island joined the alliance, strengthening its Canadian voice for change by representing over 91% of registered professional technologists and technicians in Canada. TPC was incorporated on January 13, 2016, with its by-laws and governing documents updated in June 2020 to reflect the expanded membership.

TPC’s mission is to engage national stakeholders and undertake national initiatives directed by its provincial member organizations.

TPC Strategic Directions
  • Create uniform certification and practice standards
  • Develop standard designations and/or equivalencies that will ensure labour mobility
  • Provide support to provincial organizations pursuing the development of definitions of practice
  • Generate greater awareness of TPC and the role of Engineering and Applied Science professionals in Canada
  • Continue to support the success of TAC
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Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) is a bold, world-class accreditation organization, delivering accreditation services for the engineering technology and applied science profession in Canada.

TAC was created by Technology Professionals Canada (TPC) in direct response to findings made by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) after performing a comprehensive, independent review of technology accreditation practices that existed at the time measured against best practices from other jurisdictions and sectors.

With the guidance of CSA, extensive national consultations were conducted across the country, including western Canada, Ontario, and the Maritimes, with input from numerous college deans of technology, the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB), and other stakeholders. Following research and feedback from these consultations, CSA developed a report with recommendations to TPC on how to serve best the interests of its membership going forward.

CSA identified opportunities for enhancement in the accreditation system, including transparent, auditable processes and documentation, standards development, and training of auditors. Based on the recommendations of this December 2011 report, TPC established a Provisional Committee with a mandate and budget to deliver a new organization called TAC. Representatives from the TPC provincial associations, Council of Registrars, CTAB, industry, and National Council of Deans of Technology (NCDoT) participated in the TAC development process.

TAC was incorporated federally on December 30, 2013. The founding members of the corporation are the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET); Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC); Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT); and Technology Professionals Saskatchewan (TPS), formerly Saskatchewan Applied Science Technologists and Technicians (SASTT).

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