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Road Construction Designation Program

In 2001, the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) launched a program requiring mandatory certification of road construction contract administration personnel. Compliance is demonstrated as part of the bid packages.

The road construction designations representing the three required categories of workers are:

  • Road Construction Junior Inspector (rcji)
  • Road Construction Senior Inspector (rcsi)
  • Road Construction Contract Administrator (rcca)

Graduates of two or three year post-secondary civil engineering programs qualify for the road construction designation, rcji. For the Road Construction Senior Inspector, rcsi and the Road Construction Contract Administrator, rcca, additional road construction courses may be required.

If you are a non-OACETT member, you will have to apply for OACETT membership and the road construction designation at the same time. To apply for a road construction designation, or for further information about the program, see the Road Construction Designation Application and Guide.

OACETT will review your application(s) for OACETT certification, and a road construction designation. A qualification assessment will be issued outlining your individual program that will identify any academic and/or experience requirements. It is recommended that you do not register for any road construction courses before this assessment.

For additional information or assistance, contact Hala Maski at or at 416-621-9621, ext. 237.

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