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Ontario Government Announces Consultation on Future Enhancements to the Qualification Program for Ontario’s Building Practitioners

Members are welcome to review the discussion paper and provide feedback by January 27th, 2023.

During the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing engagement sessions in 2021 and 2022 that explored ways to transform Building Code services, several stakeholders, including OACETT, recommended a review of the provincial qualification program for practitioners.

In response, the ministry commenced a review of the program to identify potential enhancements that make the process more accessible and streamlined to help more practitioners qualify faster.

As part of the work with municipalities and the sector to explore enhancements, the ministry is seeking input on some potential key changes that could be implemented in short- or long-term. To that end, the ministry has released a discussion paper to seek input from the broader public, including municipalities, designers, septic installers, and building professionals not regulated by the ministry.

To review the discussion paper please visit the Environmental Registry of Ontario (ERO) website at The discussion paper will be posted for 44 days.

Members are encouraged to provide feedback to by January 27th.  All relevant feedback will be included as part of an OACETT submission on behalf of members.

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