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VOTING IS NOW OPEN - January 11 - 27

Check out the President Candidate Elect Profiles!

Elections are now open, all certified members in good standing will receive an email from Election Buddy with details on how to submit their e-ballot. To view profiles of the candidates, see below or check your email from Election Buddy.

Overview of President - Elect role

OACETT’s By-law 20 defines the President-Elect as follows: “The President-Elect shall assist the President in carrying out the administration of the Association. The President-Elect on completion of their term shall be acclaimed as President. The President-Elect is a member of the Board of Directors”. The “administration of the Association” will include, but is not limited to, meeting regularly with the President and the CEO to plan governance activities, meeting with key stakeholders, outreach to Chapters, participating in the Leadership Council of Technology Professionals Canada. The President is the volunteer leader of the association and, as defined in By-law 20, “serves as Chair of the Board of Directors and of the Annual General Meeting”. The role of President will include, but is not limited to, meeting regularly with the President-Elect and the CEO to plan governance activities, serving as the spokesperson for the association, meeting with key stakeholders including government, employers, colleges and other associations, outreach to Chapters, serving as the voting member of TPC’s Leadership Council. Finally, the role of Past-President will include, but is not limited to, serving as Chair of the Nominating Committee, providing counsel to the President, President-Elect and Board of Directors, and any representative roles as delegated by the President.
Candidate Profiles
                   Untitled_design_(1).png                                      Untitled_design.png
                      Salvadore Ingraldi, C.Tech.                                 Christopher van Dop, C.E.T.

Click on the candidate's image to view their profile.

How to Vote

All OACETT certified members in good standing will have received an email from ElectionBuddy Inc., which includes a link where they can register their vote and a unique Personal Access Key (PAK). Should you not have received an email to vote or have any other questions, please contact Elle Armstrong at, 416-621-9621 ext. 253. For PAK issues, please contact the Election support email at

OACETT Board Profile

In addition to the election for the position of President-Elect, OACETT will be looking for candidates to join their new Board of Directors. Please be sure to check your email in January for more details. Until then, to view a copy of the OACETT Board Profile, please click HERE.
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