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Ontario Association of Engineering Technicians and Technologists Digital Signature

Authenticate your electronic documents with a digital signature

OACETT registered professionals are increasingly using new technologies in their daily work. The documents they produce remain subject to high standards of reliability. OACETT registered professionals who wish to produce legally reliable digital documents now have the option to accomplish this with CertifiO for Professionals – the Ontario Association of Engineering Technicians and Technologists Digital Signature. Digital Signatures are not to be confused with an electronic impression (scanned image) of an ink stamp.
As of March 1st 2022, OACETT has selected Notarius to provide the OACETT Digital Signature to its registered professionals.  Notarius has also been selected by professional regulating bodies in ASTTBC, ASET, CTTAM, OACETT, OTPQ, NBSCETT, TechPEI, and AETTNL, and by more than 50 professional associations across Canada in 16 different professional fields.

OACETT has published a new guideline and best practice for electronic document authentication to help its registered professionals meet the requirements of Ontario’s Electronic Commerce Act and Bill 190.

Learn more about Notarius and how digital signatures can benefit certified members by watching this webinar recording from April 28, 2022 presented to OACETT members.  Click here to watch the video

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