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OACETT AGM & Conference 2017 highlights

OACETT kicked off its 2017 Annual General Meeting and Conference from atop a mountain – a fitting locale from which to look back on 60 years of organizational progress and to prepare for the shifting landscape ahead.

This year’s event, held from June 1-3, drew a large turnout of volunteers and special guests to the Westin Trillium House, Blue Mountain, to share experiences from their respective chapters; learn more about OACETT activities from the past 12 months; develop new professional insights; and recognize the contribution of outgoing members of Council while getting acquainted with the incoming. 

OACETT Council, 2017-2019
Front row L to R: Shervin Reyhani, C.E.T., PASB councillor, Western; Salvadore Ingraldi, C.Tech., PASB councillor – Horseshoe; Bob van den Berg, C.E.T., past-president; and Greg Miller, C.E.T., president.
Second row L to R: Richard Labelle, C.Tech., PASB councillor, Northern; Sharon Reid, C.Tech., IETO councillor – Eastern; Rosanna Baggs, C.E.T., vice-president, IETO; and Kim Pickett, C.E.T., president-elect.
Third row L to R: Devi Richards, C.E.T., IETO councillor, Central; Bruce Elliott, C.E.T., IETO councillor, Northern; Andy Dryland, C.E.T., vice-president, PASB; and Lori Cornwall, LL.B., public representative.
Back row L to R: Mike Mooney, C.E.T., IETO councillor, Western; Reg Grieco, C.E.T., PASB councillor, Toronto; Cam Johnston, C.E.T., rcca, IETO councillor, Horseshoe; Mark Gatenby, C.E.T., PASB councillor, Central; Dale Phippen, C.E.T., PASB councillor – Eastern; David Crowder, C.E.T., IETO councillor, Toronto; and Dr. Misheck Mwaba, representative from the Heads of Technology.
Not pictured: David W. Brown, P.Eng., C.E.T., representative from PEO.

An historic reception
OACETT celebrated its diamond anniversary during an opening night reception featuring some very special guests: 19 OACETT past-presidents joined the festivities. Their presence was inspiring and valuable for newer volunteers who had an opportunity to hear more about the effort behind some of the Association’s hard-won victories and the lifelong friendships that emerge from serving one’s professional association. Past-presidents converged, once again, on Friday morning to catch up and reflect on the Association’s strengths and challenges.

OACETT past-presidents who attended the 60th Anniversary AGM and Conference: 
Front row L to R: Dennis Beecroft. C.E.T. (president 1976-77); George Fletcher, C.E.T., Fellow OACETT (president 1968-69); Kim Pickett, C.E.T, president-elect; Hugh Martin, C.E.T. (president 1972-73); Greg Miller, C.E.T., president; Bob van den Berg, C.E.T. (immediate past-president); and Frank W. Best, C.E.T. (president 1969-70).
Back row L to R: Bruce Foden, C.E.T. (president 1974-75); David Tsang, A.Sc.T. (president 2007-9); Eugene Stodolak, C.E.T. (president 2005-7); Robin Dunn, C.E.T., rcca, Fellow OACETT (president 2003-5); Arjun Rana, C.E.T. (president 1994-5); Trevor Onken, C.E.T., Fellow OACETT (president 1999-2001); David Saunders, C.E.T. (president 2009-11); Sonja Heikkila, C.E.T., P.Eng. (president 1993-4); David Sloan, C.E.T. (president 1992-3); Peter Newman, C.E.T. (president 1970-1); Stephen Morley, C.E.T. (president 2013-15); William (Bud) Newton, C.E.T. (president 1979-80); Angelo Innocente, C.E.T., Fellow OACETT (president 1997-99); and Walter Spence, C.E.T. (president 1985-86).

Preparing for the future
The next morning’s executive board presentation offered updates from the president, immediate past-president, president-elect and vice-presidents of IETO and PASB. President Miller cited engagement – particularly among the millennial cohort – as a key priority for OACETT in the coming term, one the Association plans to address through enhanced social media outreach and a newly established Young Professionals Task Force. 

This sentiment dovetailed nicely into the first guest speaker session of the day during which David Coletto, CEO and a founding partner of Abacus Data in Ottawa and one of Canada’s leading experts on generational change (and a Millennial himself), spoke about the ways Millennials both differ and resemble previous generations and how managers, mentors and senior volunteers can use these insights to better engage and empower this generation to be more productive, involved and fulfilled contributors to their teams. 

David Coletto speaks about engaging millennials in their workplace and association.

Moving from upcoming generations to emerging technology, afternoon speaker Adam Sax, president and CEO of The Sky Guys and Defiant Labs, offered attendees predictions about future applications for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology – already being used to positive effect in sectors ranging from energy and infrastructure to manufacturing, surveying and construction – along with a chance to get up close to a drone. 

With the speaker sessions concluded, volunteers headed to their regional meetings to tackle issues specific to their area. These meetings are a great opportunity for chapter volunteers to discuss common interests, challenges and goals and share strategies that have been successful.

Volunteer recognition
Friday culminated in the President’s Dinner, a celebration for the volunteers, partners, colleagues and friends of the Association who contributed to OACETT’s success over the past year. First to be recognized was OACETT’s immediate past-president Bob van den Berg, C.E.T., whom Miller commended for his strong leadership over the past term: his openness, his vision, his dedication to details, his skill at building relationships and broadening the reputation of the Association. In accepting his plaque, van den Berg thanked his family, as well as OACETT volunteers, Council members and staff, for their support during his tenure. He spoke of some of the accomplishments most meaningful to him during his period at the helm, such as the incorporation of Technology Professionals Canada; implementation of mandatory Continuing Professional Development; awarding of the first Licensed Engineering Technologist designation in Ontario; and ushering in of a new era of IT for the Association with the launch of the Dragonfly project to replace OACETT’s aged IT system. 

President Greg Miller, C.E.T., presents a certificate to Past-President Bob van den Berg, C.E.T., in recognition of his contribution in leading OACETT over the past term.

It was then Past-President van den Berg’s honour to award plaques to outgoing members of Council, some of whom served for more than a decade, and all of whom have influenced the Association positively through their impassioned involvement. Recognized for their contribution were:
•    Steve Barnes, C.E.T., 2007-2017 (PASB councillor – Toronto)
•    Kenneth Browne, C.E.T., 2005-2017 (PASB councillor – Horseshoe)
•    Chantal Goertz, 2016-2017 (student representative)
•    Kathiravel Karunananthan, C.E.T., rcji, 2015-2017 (IETO councillor – Central)
•    Vincent Le Faive, C.E.T., 2007-2017 (most recently VP, IETO)
•    Stephen Morley, C.E.T., 2013-2017 (most recently past-president)
•    Changiz Sadr, C.E.T., P.Eng., 2013 – 2017 (PEO representative)
•    Andre Sherman, C.E.T., OAA, 2011-2017 (OAA representative)
•    Christopher van Dop, C.E.T., 2009-2017 (IETO councillor – Western)
•    Shawn Wessel, A.Sc.T., rcji, 2015-2017 (PASB councillor – Eastern)

Annual General Meeting
The event closed on Saturday morning with the AGM, where members received greetings from partners and heard reports on the Association’s strong financial position, major undertakings since the last AGM, and objectives for the new term. Representatives from Technology Accreditation Canada and Technology Professionals Canada delivered updates on their respective organizations; OACETT’s public representative on Council highlighted her area of responsibility; and George and Carole Fletcher Foundation Chair, David Tsang, A.Sc.T., revealed that having reached the 25 for 25 Campaigns $1-million fundraising goal, the foundation is developing new strategies to exceed this endowment target and be in a position to increase the bursary value to offset inflation.

Members receive an update on Association activities from the past year at the AGM.

In his concluding remarks, President Miller spoke about how he is looking forward to leading the Association through this period of transition and renewal while continuing to deliver on OACETT’s unique value proposition. He spoke of the importance of member engagement and of fully equipping new Council members and chapter volunteers to excel in their roles. He closed by telling the audience, “You are the greatest ambassadors of OACETT’s value, and over the next two years, you can expect your Association to empower and promote your efforts; and to amplify OACETT’s mission and message to connect with a wider audience…The key to our vitality in an unpredictable future is a diverse and fully participating membership. This is an area I look forward to furthering in the term to come.”

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