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Immediate need for members on Codes Committees

There is an immediate need for volunteers to serve on either the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC), a senior committee responsible for the development of Codes Canada publications, or on one of the CCBFC’s nine technical standing committee to replace membership vacancies for the current (2015-2020) code cycle.

Any applications received would also be considered for the next five-year code cycle (2020-2025)

In order to have balanced representation on the committees, a pool of candidates is needed to represent all regions of Canada and all sectors of the construction industry that use, or benefit from, the national codes and provincial codes based on these models. Although there is no remuneration, NRC does reimburse expenses incurred in attending meetings.

The CCBFC is an independent committee of volunteers established by NRC to develop and maintain the National Construction Codes. These Codes, which comprise the National Building, Fire, Plumbing and Energy Codes of Canada, serve as the basis for related provincial/territorial regulations.

In consultation with the provinces and territories, the Commission is also responsible for setting code development policy direction and overseeing the development process to ensure it is open, transparent and consensus-based. The CCBFC oversees the work of nine standing committees, whose members apply their experience in various technical areas of the Codes to develop and improve their content, thereby helping to protect the health and safety of Canadians.

CCBFC members are senior-level individual who are expected to be broadly knowledgeable on Code-related matters and policy considerations, and able to exercise objective judgments.

Standing committee members are expected to be knowledgeable and experienced on matters considered by the committee and must demonstrate the capacity to make independent decisions.

All members are selected for their individual knowledge and experience with the Codes – not as delegates from a particular organization or interest group. 

Information about the CCBFC’s work, and that of its standing committees, is available on the Codes Canada section of the NRC website at Volunteer for Code Commission membership. If you are interested in becoming a CCBFC or standing committee member and participating in important National Code development work, please submit your expression of interest using the online form on the Canadian Codes Centre section of the NRC website. Please indicate on which committee(s) you are interested in serving, provide a 120-word summary of your relevant experience and attach/append your resume. 

For further information, please contact Anne Gribbon, Secretary to the CCBFC, at
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