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OACETT Council Update

OACETT held its third Council meeting of 2016 on September 23 with the following highlights:

•    Council welcomed Chantal Goertz, a second-year Civil Engineering Technician student at Niagara College, who was subsequently sworn in as the new Student Representative on OACETT Council. You can learn more about Chantal in the November/December issue of The Ontario Technologist.

•    Representatives from Environics Research Group delivered high-level findings from the recent OACETT Salary Survey and offered a demonstration of the online dashboard tool (for filtering data and generating reports). The results underscored the connection between certification and salary growth and offered insight into the factors that influence compensation in engineering and applied science technology professions. The member and employer Salary Survey reports will be made available to members later this month.

•    Council received an update from the Systems Steering Committee regarding the RFP process for potential IT systems vendors. All the proposals submitted have been evaluated by the Committee and vendor demonstrations have just concluded.

•    The Secretary Treasurer reported that OACETT now has more than 25,000 members, 71 per cent of whom are certified.

•    Based on factors including the current rate of inflation/CPI, along with existing, planned and contingency funding requirements (and the fact that last year saw no increase in this area), Council voted in favour of 1.5% increase in membership dues for 2017.

•    Council approved the allocation of a one-time financial commitment of $22,000 – to be matched by the Heads of Technology (HOT) – toward the development of a Massive Open Online Course, subject to HOT and its members committing, to encourage all Deans of Technology and faculty to promote an awareness of the Association and educate college students on the benefits of becoming a member of OACETT.

•    From the VP of PASB, Council learned that Skills Ontario has completed a new OACETT-funded video highlighting engineering technology careers. The video, which is being shown in elementary and secondary schools across Ontario, features four OACETT members offering testimonials on why a career in engineering technology is a rewarding choice for young students to pursue. Members are encouraged to view the video on YouTube:

•    In accordance with Office of the Fairness Commissioner (OFC) requirements, OACETT undertook a self-assessment of our policies and processes for the general duty of the FARPACTA legislation, to demonstrate compliance in transparency, objectivity, impartiality and fairness. In their response, Council learned, the OFC cited OACETT for commendable practices while also making some recommendations for improvement. The OFC’s annual report lauded OACETT’s replacement of the one-year Canadian work experience requirement with an enhanced Professional Practice Exam for internationally educated professionals and new English-language requirements.

For background documents from the September Council meeting, click here.
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