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2016 OACETT Salary Survey reveals significant compensation growth for engineering technicians and technologists

Compensation levels for Ontario’s engineering and applied science technicians and technologists continue to climb well beyond the rate of inflation, according to a recent salary survey commissioned by OACETT.

Findings from the study, OACETT Salary Survey 2016, conducted by Environics Research Group and based on responses from more than 3,400 members, reveal that the average annual salary for the province’s engineering technicians and technologists in 2016 is $80,725 –a seven per cent increase from the 2014 average of $75,436. 

Certified professionals earn a premium in compensation which can make a difference of between $14,000 and $20,000 in salary alone. Certified engineering technologists (C.E.T.s) reported the highest annual salary earnings – an average of $85,720 – while certified technicians (C.Tech.s) earn an average of $80,065. In comparison, their non-certified counterparts report an average of $65,565.

“This study confirms that certification pays dividends in compensation, career growth and employability for engineering technology professionals,” said OACETT President Bob van den Berg, C.E.T. “The confidence employers feel in hiring those who meet high standards of professionalism, competency and currency is reflected in the remuneration and opportunities they afford them.” 

Six out of ten employers said they would be more inclined to hire OACETT members knowing they must engage in mandatory Continuing Professional Development in order to maintain their membership – a requirement introduced in January 2016. A full 80 per cent agreed that employing certified employees contributes positively to their organization’s quality and competitiveness. 

“We are pleased to see the extent to which our members are valued in the workforce,” commented van den Berg.  “With a high rate of job satisfaction and highly sought after skills, engineering technology professionals occupy a sweet spot in the Canadian economy.”

For OACETT, the survey demonstrates positive developments in the industry but also identifies one area of concern: Male respondents reported an average annual compensation of $19,000 more than female respondents. “While factors such as years of experience, responsibilities and age were found to have a greater impact on compensation than gender,” commented OACETT CEO David Thomson, “the fact that a disparity exists between what women and men in engineering technology earn across all levels of tenure is troubling enough to warrant further study.”

OACETT Salary Survey 2016 is available for free to members who log on to the Members-Only portion of the site here. The Member/Employer OACETT Salary Survey 2016 bundle is available to non-members in PDF for *$375+tax. To purchase your copies, please complete and return the order form.

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