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Own Your Professional Future: A New Approach to Continuing Learning

As technologies, business practices and public expectations evolve, it is essential that OACETT members maintain high levels of professional competence for the protection of the public. For this reason, OACETT is recommending a mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program that requires members to pursue ongoing professional development to uphold membership with the Association.

“The objective of the CPD program is to ensure our members remain relevant, proficient and able to meet high standards that protect the public, especially in the face of growing concern over competence and accountability arising from  the Elliot Lake tragedy,” said OACETT President Stephen Morley, C.E.T. “Enacting CPD will highlight our commitment to public safety.”

In light of the Elliot Lake Report recommendations, Attorney General Madeleine Meilleur, in a recent meeting with President Morley, emphasized the importance of CPD initiatives to protect the public, intensifying OACETT’s plan to join the many other regulators in Ontario who have mandatory CPD programs.  OACETT’s counterparts in British Columbia and Alberta have introduced similar programs.

OACETT is pleased to announce details of the proposed program to our members.  In addition to webinars, chapter meetings, social media and articles in The Ontario Technologist, the particulars of the mandatory CPD program will be discussed at length at the upcoming OACETT AGM and Conference.  In September, OACETT Council will make a final decision on the program and, if approved, CPD compliance will begin January 2016.

Certified members will be expected to comply.  Associate members admitted to membership pre July 2005 will also be required to comply.   For Associates admitted to membership post July 2005, achieving certification will be required in lieu of CPD requirements; however, CPD compliance will be required once certified.  Students, honourary members and retirees will be exempt.

How CPD benefits you

CPD will help members gain more recognition and maximize potential for career growth and employability. Employers see managing your professional growth as a key strength and are more often looking for employees to develop competencies that respond to the needs of the job market.

How CPD works

OACETT’s CPD program allows members to choose activities that fall under the following categories: Technical Knowledge, Management/Leadership Training, Contributions to the Profession and Peer and Professional Interaction. Over a three-year cycle, members will be expected to complete three activities from any of the categories, plus one formal course or self-directed study from the Technical Knowledge or Management/Leadership Training category.

For more information on OACETT’s CPD program visit or email us at

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