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LET is officially established: a message from OACETT’s President

I am delighted to inform members that changes to Ontario Regulation 941/90 to establish the Licensed Engineering Technologist (LET) class of limited licence have now been approved by the Ontario Government, to take effect on July 1, 2015.

In enacting these regulations, Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) has recognized the wider range of work engineering technologists are qualified to perform, subject to meeting licensing requirements. These requirements are demanding, in keeping with the need to protect the public, but for OACETT members who are suitably qualified, this limited licence creates a pathway toward professional advancement.
To qualify for the LET, an engineering technologist will have to:

•    hold active membership in OACETT as a C.E.T.;
•    demonstrate that he or she holds a three-year degree or diploma in an engineering technology or science program or has the equivalent educational qualifications, and possesses the knowledge base corresponding to the scope of services within the practice of professional engineering to be provided under the limited licence;
•    and meet experience requirements of at least eight years in the practice of professional engineering that meets the criteria set out in the document titled “Guide to the Required Experience for Limited Licence in Ontario” with at least six years of the experience corresponding to the scope of services within the practice of professional engineering to be provided under the limited licence and at least four of the six years’ experience acquired in a Canadian jurisdiction under the supervision of one or more persons authorized to engage in the practice of professional engineering in Canada.

The LET will provide qualified limited licence holders a protected title and designation they may use.  PEO’s limited licence allows holders to perform professional engineering work within a defined scope of practice.  Those who apply for, and are granted, a limited licence may also obtain a Certificate of Authorization for independent practice.  

This outcome is the result of more than a decade of collaboration between OACETT and PEO. I am pleased that, at the end of this lengthy negotiation process and effective cooperation between our two regulatory bodies, the provincial government has seen fit to amend the regulation and finally set a proclamation date for the enabling amendments to the Professional Engineers Act, which were approved in 2010. PEO, who will issue both the LET and Certificate of Authorization, is currently working on developing an application process.  Members will be able to apply for the LET beginning July 1, 2015, which is when these changes are effective.  

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Stephen Morley, C.E.T., C.I.M.
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