The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists

AGM 2015 Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Chapter executives from across the province who attended the Annual General Meeting.

OACETT Administration Board

Back row L to R: Stephen Morley, C.E.T., C.I.M., past-president; Vince Le Faive, C.E.T., CBET (c), vice-president, IETO; and Greg Miller, C.E.T., president-elect.

Seated: Kim Pickett, C.E.T., vice-president, PASB and Bob van den Berg, C.E.T., president.

Eastern Region

Back row L to R: Dennis Martin, A.Sc.T., chair, Quinte; Adrian Meunier, C.Tech., rcji, vice-chair, Ottawa; Richard Cork, C.Tech., director, Kingston; Dale Phippen, C.E.T., chair, Cornwall; King On Lee, C.E.T., chair, Ottawa; Maurice Coderre, A.Sc.T., vice-chair, Peterborough; Randy Thur, C.E.T., chair, Pembroke; Shawn Wessel, A.Sc.T., PASB councillor; and Lyle Casselman, B.Eng., C.E.T., Treasurer, Cornwall.
Front row L to R: Mario Brule, C.E.T., vice-chair, Quinte; Meagan Brooks, C.Tech., Pembroke; Rosanna Baggs, C.E.T., IETO councillor; Diane Northey, C.Tech., chair, Peterborough; Bruce Fudger, C.E.T., chair, Kingston; and Dana Farcasiu, C.E.T., chair, Lanark-Leeds-Grenville.

Western Region

Back row L to R: Mark Ceppi, treasurer, Chatham-Kent; Frank Kobetich, C.E.T., C.I.M., vice-chair, Grand Valley; Mike Mooney, C.E.T., regional secretary-treasurer; Christopher van Dop, C.E.T., IETO councillor; Christopher Van Daele, C.E.T., chair, Chatham-Kent; and Michael Belmonte, A.Sc.T., chair, Windsor-Essex.

Front row L to R: Shervin Reyhani, C.E.T., PASB councillor, Howard Mulrain, C.E.T., director, Windsor-Essex; Paul Hayes, A.Sc.T., chair, Grand Valley; Colin Sauders, C.Tech., chair, Grey-Bruce; and Matt Redden, A.Sc.T., chair, Lambton.

Northern Region:

Back row L to R: Paul Mosher, C.E.T., vice-chair, Sault Ste. Marie; Shane Dubroy, C.E.T., chair, Timmins; Donald Larocque, C.E.T., regional secretary-treasurer; Guy Avison, C.E.T., vice-chair, Near North; Bruce Elliott, C.E.T., IETO councillor; James McLaren, C.E.T., chair, Timiskaming; Christopher Etchells, C.E.T., chair, Sault Ste. Marie; and Mitch Jerome, C.Tech., chair, Near North.

Front row L to R: Carolyne Neron, C.E.T., college liaison, Sudbury; Andy Dryland, C.E.T., PASB councillor; Nathan Bruno, C.E.T., chair, Thunder Bay; Melissa Thivierge, C.E.T., vice-chair, Thunder Bay; and J. Charles Boulet C.E.T., CST., secretary, Timmins.

Horseshoe Region

Back row L to R: Rasheed Khan, A.Sc.T., chair, Peel; Jason Van de Laar, C.E.T. secretary-treasurer, Niagara; Satish Sharma, C.E.T. past-chair, Peel; Dr. Misheck Mwaba, representative from the Heads of Technology; Dany McNicoll, C. Tech., chair, Hamilton; Hargurdeep Singh, student representative on Council; and Paul Wardell, C.Tech., treasurer, Hamilton.

Front row L to R: Cam Johnston, C.E.T., rcca, IETO councillor; Salvadore Ingraldi, C.Tech., regional secretary-treasurer; and Ken Browne, C.E.T., PASB councillor.

Toronto Region

Back row L to R: Joe Ciccone, C.E.T., vice-chair, Toronto West; Clive Banton, C.E.T., chair, Toronto East; J. Howard Gibson, C.E.T., chair, Toronto West; Diane Northey, C.Tech., chair, Peterborough; Kevin Lima, C.E.T., vice-chair, Toronto Central; and Mark La Fleche, treasurer, Toronto Central.

Front row L to R: David Crowder, C.E.T., IETO councillor; Ed Prillo, C.E.T., former IETO councillor; Steve Barnes, C.E.T., PASB councillor; and Jose Catilo, C.E.T.

Central Region

Back row L to R: Vinod Chaudhary, C.E.T., chair, York; David Cotter, C.E.T., chair, Durham; Randolph Edmead, C.E.T., secretary-treasurer, Durham; Raguram Somasunderham, C.E.T., vice-chair, York; and Don Detweiler, C.E.T., vice-chair, Georgian Bay.

Front row L to R: Devi Richards, C.E.T., regional secretary-treasurer; Karunananthan Kathiravel, C.E.T., IETO councillor; Mark Gatenby, C.E.T., PASB councillor; and Nadine Rush, C.E.T., rcji, chair, Georgian Bay.

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