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Women in Technology Committee call for chapter representatives

OACETT’s Women in Technology (WIT) Committee invites female members of the Association, working in various disciplines of engineering technology, to become WIT Chapter Representatives.

Some of the core responsibilities include encouraging female members to get involved in their chapter, attending chapter and community events, and giving presentations on the role women play in shaping the industry and world we live in and much more.

WIT Chapter Representatives will attend professional development events co-ordinated by the committee, and serve as a local resource for female members in the area. They will also liaise with members on the committee and act as the go-to person at the chapter for matters relating to women affairs and interest.

To enhance industry-wide awareness of WIT and to raise the profile of women working in applied science and engineering technology professions, WIT Chapter Representatives will connect with women and men on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. They will also leverage these platforms and others to share ideas, build a supportive network and educate the public on the vital role tech savvy women play in industry.

Representatives will keep abreast of developments of relevance to women in applied science and engineering technology, and share their knowledge with committee members and others.

One Chapter Representative per OACETT chapter is needed.

The WIT Committee aims to provide women with the connections, knowledge and resources they need to grow successfully in the engineering technology industry. Whether it’s inspiring young women to pursue careers in science and technology or empowering women to achieve their goals, the committee supports the continuous advancement of women in engineering technology.

For more information about the WIT Chapter Representative position, email Kim Picket, C.E.T., WIT Chair at or contact your Chapter Chair for information on how to apply. To find your Chapter Chair, go to and click on the About Us menu, select Region and Chapters and click on Find your Chapter.
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