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The OACETT Professional Practice Exam is Changing!

The Institute of Engineering Technology of Ontario (IETO) is pleased to announce upcoming improvements to the OACETT Professional Practice Exam and study materials. The new edition of the Professional Practice Study manual includes updates to the OACETT By-law and commentary on new issues that have arisen in the continually changing engineering technology workplace. PPE manual chapters have been reorganized, reformatted, and new content added for overall flow and cohesiveness. Two new sections have been added to the manual: Workplace Legislation and IETO. Additional multiple choice questions will be introduced to reflect these revisions.

The format of the new manual will be an eBook and the exam itself will be offered online, on demand, written at an appropriate location of your own choosing, but with the services of an online proctor chosen by OACETT. There will be no set dates at exam centres. The optional PPE online seminar has been revised to reflect the new material.

This new format is not intended to make the examination more difficult, but to ensure that our members are made aware of issues that they could face in the workplace. It should also make scheduling to write the examination easier and more convenient.

For the new exam, you will need the following computer requirements:

  • Browser released in the last four years
  • PC/Mac (no iPad)
  • Uninterrupted internet connection
  • Webcam
The online proctor chosen by OACETT and the online exam provider will offer a "test your system" button on their websites that will allow candidates to check if their systems work. If your system does not work, then you will be taken through a troubleshooting process.

Registration for the revised exam, eBook and online seminar (optional) will open July 15, 2014. Remember we recommend eight weeks study time.

More information on how to register for the new exam and study materials will be available July 11, 2014.

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