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Volunteering with OACETT

There are many opportunities for OACETT members in all categories of membership (student, associate, certified, retired) to get involved with their professional association.  Volunteerism is important not only to OACETT as an organization but also to the individual member who can enrich their personal and professional lives.

Why Volunteer with OACETT?

  • Expand your professional network: OACETT volunteers connect with other engineering technology and applied science professionals from across Ontario. 
  • Skills development: many volunteers learn new skills and gain experience they may not have been able to acquire at their job.
  • Boost your career options: improved skills, a broader network, and increased knowledge will help you advance in your career.   
  • Make a difference: volunteering can result in positive change at your association. You can help shape future events and even mentor members.
  • Discover your strengths and talents: volunteering can reveal hidden talents!

Volunteer Opportunities

While the 2021/2023 term of office is spoken for, you can learn more about the candidates in the positions on council under

OACETT has a variety of committees, each with its unique focus. One such committee is the Young Professionals Committee (YPC), which provides strategies and solutions for engaging OACETT members 35 years of age and younger. Find out more about this committee and its volunteers at YPC.

For a complete list of OACETT committees, please to 2019 – 2020 Annual Report.

OACETT’s chapters offer a variety of volunteer opportunities. These positions are elected every year, between late March and early May, during the chapter's annual meeting
.  The following are a list of the main volunteer positions available at the chapter level: 
  • Chapter Chair (Certified Member)
  • Chapter Vice-Chair (Certified Member)
  • Treasurer
  • College Liaison
  • Student Representative
  • Women in Technology (WIT) Representative
  • Chapter Executive Member
For a complete description of the chapter positions please click here. To find out how you can get involved with your local chapter please contact Kathryn Boire, Chapter and Program Advisor at

Student Ambassador Program
Assist OACETT staff with visits to your college. For more information, please visit the Student Ambassador Program.

Student volunteers at OACETT events such as the Provincial Awards Gala, Annual General Meeting and Conference.


Volunteer Testimonials

TBeernink.pngIn 1977, I was employed as a Maintenance Supervisor by the Ontario Ministry of Housing at the Regional level.  At that time the Province was in the midst of constructing a large number of Senior Citizen and Public Housing projects.  I enjoyed my exposure and involvement in the site inspections of the projects under construction, as well as providing my technical experience and advise to maintenance staff at the municipal Housing level.

I found and read a copy of the Ontario Technologist; found it interesting; and submitted an application for membership.  I pursued the educational requirements for certification, through Fanshawe College. I attended my first London Chapter meeting in 1977, and almost immediately was elected to the Chapter Executive.

In my over 43 years as an active OACETT member, I have held pretty well every position at the Chapter Executive level; enjoyed 6 years as a Regional Councillor; represented London Chapter on Fanshawe College’s Technology Board Advisory Committee; meetings with Municipal and Provincial authorities; and networking with members within the Chapter, as well as other Chapters in the Province I met while attending the Annual General Meetings.  To this day I still correspond with some former OACETT Council members.
I enjoy the opportunity to meet fellow and new members, plant tours, dinner meetings, pub crawls, and golf tournaments.

My membership has given me the confidence to consult with professionals as required make technical decisions and carry out my work.  I even managed to take an early retirement from the Ministry of Housing, and successfully set up and run my own technical consulting service for 20 years till my retirement 2 years ago.


JHazelton.pngI have been asked many times over the years why I enjoy volunteering.  The answer is always the same – Volunteering is fun. 

Volunteering has a positive impact on everyone involved and benefits the entire community.  It allows you to connect with other members and creates a bond that will last for years.  The feeling of accomplishment when you work hard and make a difference is amazing.  Volunteering can also help you try new things, get involved with new opportunities, and build your self-confidence and social skills.   

Volunteering is rewarding for everyone involved, you can get involved a little or a lot, you will always make a big difference.

DSaunders.pngIn the spirit of National Volunteer Week, I’d like to share the benefits I have experienced by volunteering with OACETT the past 26 years.

Volunteering with our Association has given me the opportunity to give back to the profession of Engineering and Applied Sciences Technology, which has been so rewarding to me. Becoming involved as an OACETT volunteer, first at the Chapter level and later in other roles and capacities, has offered me the privilege to promote and advance both OACETT and our shared profession. As well, learning and applying leadership skills comes from working alongside seasoned volunteers and dedicated professional staff.

By volunteering with OACETT, I have had the great pleasure of meeting and working with many highly dedicated individuals from my Chapter and Region, throughout the province and across the country; all of whom share the motivation and vision of advancing our profession and protecting the public interest. Many of my fellow volunteers have become some of my closest friends and I have the volunteer experience to thank for allowing me to have shared our common interests and friendship.

Volunteering allows one to give and share, but there is reward and personal gratification in making a difference.


LSavard.pngVolunteering, on your own time, unpaid, experiential-based, we often tend to look the other way when an opportunity presents itself and aligns with the above terms. After all, we all have bills to pay… right?

Well, I’m here to tell you that volunteering has a special place in my heart, and it should be in yours. In my current role as Program Leader for Applied Research, I get to work with all kinds of leading-edge companies in all sorts of sectors…but it wasn’t handed to me. Back during my environmental science schooling, I spent numerous days volunteering with the 
River Institute. This afforded me two things: gathering experience and making a name for myself. As they say, the rest is history.

Fast forward to today. As I prepare to take on the Eastern Region PASB Councilor position, I reflect on what volunteering with OACETT did for me. I interacted with our local College as a College liaison, expanding my network. I have met and worked with incredible Executive Members since 2016, expanding my network. I attended numerous AGMs, CPDs, other chapter’s events and developed/delivered events as the Cornwall Chapter Chair; this further expanded my network.

The reward? Seeing your hard work pay off, receiving emails asking for your direction and help, getting the opportunity to fly at 2,500 feet with a friend, all from volunteering, is that it? Nope, but I only have a few lines! Next time you are presented with a volunteering opportunity, sit down, think about it, weigh the opportunity and seriously consider it. Your network will thank you, your peers will thank you, and you will thank you.
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