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I need to Complete a Technology Report

Members are asked to refrain from sending technology reports and proposals by mail or courier packages to the OACETT office.  We ask that you send these by attachment to
If you are eligible to become certified as an engineering technologist (i.e. a graduate of a three-year post-secondary engineering or applied science technology program or equivalent), you will be required to complete a Technology Report (TR). The purpose of the TR is to assess your ability to effectively examine and describe an engineering or applied science technology problem. In the TR, the candidate should provide well-structured recommendations and/or conclusions using his or her academic background and work experience.
The process for completing the TR is as follows:

1. Submit a proposal for the TR.
NOTE: TR Proposals will not be accepted unless you have completed the equivalent  of a 3-year Ontario college program in engineering technology or applied science. This means your application with OACETT must have gone through a file review and if any academics were assigned as part of that review, they must be completed before you submit your TR Proposal.
2. IETO approves the TR proposal.
3.Submit the full TR for assessment within one year of proposal’s approval.

For more detailed information about the TR, see the Technology Report Guidelines document. 
To submit a technology report proposal, please email it as an attachment in Word or PDF to

Timeline - The results of the Technology Report Proposal evaluation will be communicated via e-mail 6 to 8 weeks after submission to OACETT.
To submit a technology report after your proposal has been accepted, either do so via your OACETT member portal or by email to

Timeline - The results of the Technology Report evaluation will be communicated via e-mail 8 to 10 weeks after submission to OACETT.
The Technology Report Writing Seminar is offered throughout the year, in-person and online, to help members prepare to write a TR. The seminar focuses on all aspects of Technology Report writing, from topic selection to proposal writing and helpful hints for submitting a successful report. View our video to find out more about the seminar.
The online version of the seminar takes a step-by-step approach through videos, quizzes, assignments and access to a knowledgeable instructor. It takes the often daunting task of writing a technology report and breaks it down into manageable components. The Online Technology Report Writing Seminar includes:
  • Eight video-based modules with accompanying quizzes that can be completed at your convenience on your computer or mobile device over a three-month period.
  • A downloadable Participant’s Manual that acts as a reference guide, checklist and workbook. 
  • Access to an experienced instructor who will offer feedback and respond to questions via email and the electronic discussion board.
  • A Certificate of Completion that can be downloaded and printed once you’ve successfully completed the course.
The Online Technology Report Writing Seminar costs $300.00 + HST.  To register for the seminar, log into your OACETT portal account and select that option from the home page.
Are you an employer? Learn more about hosting an in-house Technology Report Writing Seminar for your staff.
What TR Writing Seminar participants are saying:
“This seminar will greatly help me to write the OACETT Technology Report, as well as writing in my day-to-day work.”
“This seminar gives a better idea of what OACETT is looking for and helps you to get started much faster.”
“The trainer was excellent and all the components were appropriate and valuable”
“It not only informs you on the technicalities of writing the report, but gets you started on it by making you think of its components. It's well broken down into manageable tasks.”
Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) accredits engineering technology and applied science programs at post-secondary educational institutions in Ontario for the purpose of identifying whether they meet the profession's approved standards and criteria. Applicants who graduated from a nationally accredited program, at the technologist level, and completed a Technology Report as a part of that program (as recorded on official transcripts) are not required to submit a TR to OACETT. Graduates from a nationally accredited program at the technician level, or who did not complete a TR as a part of their studies, must submit one to OACETT before they can receive the C.E.T. designation. Find the Ontario programs that are nationally accredited.
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