The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists

Certification Requirements Are Changing in 2016

A. English Language Benchmark – All Applicants

Internationally Educated Applicants

Starting in January 2016, all internationally educated applicants will need to provide proof of an English language equivalency to a level 7 for all skills listening, reading, writing and speaking on the Canadian Language Benchmark.  All recognized tests acceptable at a Canadian public community college or institute will be accepted such as: IELTS Academic, iBt, TOEFL, or MELAB.  Send in your original or notarized copy of proof of achievement with your application, or as soon as achieved after application.  Achievement is required before certification will be granted.

Canadian Educated Applicants

Canadian educated applicants may meet the requirement by either of the following:  graduation from a Canadian 2 or 3 year post-secondary engineering technology or applied science program, or applying with a minimum of 60 academic points (Associate level) plus successful completion of the OACETT certification requirements.  

B. One Year Canadian Experience Requirements are Changing
Pass our new PPE for Internationally Educated Applicants Instead

OACETT’s requirement to prove facility with the working language, standards, codes and practices of the engineering technology or applied science discipline prior to certification was normally proven by working in Canada for one year.  Unless you already have Canadian work experience, complete the PPE for Internationally Educated Applicants instead.  This new PPE will have additional content in Legislation and Professional Practice, Workplace Culture and Health and Safety.  

Since the PPE is already a certification requirement for all applicants, this allows for a streamlined pathway to certification.  As long as you have the necessary two years technician or technologist experience from any country, no further experience is required if you write this version of the PPE.  

The study materials will contain additional content in the three areas listed above and there will be questions on the exam covering these areas.  The exam will be 3 ½ hours in length with the exam format identical to the original PPE.  

Purchase the IEPPE exam and study materials.  Study for 6 to 8 weeks and then sign up with a virtual proctor to write the exam from the comfort of your home or office.  

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