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Internationally Educated Registration for IEPPE and IEPPE Seminar

IEPPE and IEPPE Seminar

OACETT Members Who Completed their Education Internationally and Who Have NOT Completed One Year of Canadian Work Experience

The IEPPE and IEPPE Seminar are for OACETT members who completed their education outside of Canada and have not completed one year of Canadian work experience.

To register for the IEPPE, follow these easy steps:

1.  Purchase the Internationally Educated Professional Practice Exam (IEPPE Package) (see below for the description, cost and purchase procedure). 

2.  When you purchase the IEPPE package you will receive an Exam Access Code (EAC).  Put this somewhere safe.  DO NOT LOSE IT.  You will need this code to write the exam.
3.  If you would like to also take a seminar to guide you through the IEPPE content, also select the IEPPE Online Seminar when you make your purchase.
4.  Print and/or download the eBook study materials. 

5.  Study the eBook material for over a 2 to 3 month period, depending on your study habits and schedule.  Note that the IEPPE is a closed book exam.  No study notes or materials are permitted during the exam. 


6.  When you feel you are ready to write the exam, register with the online proctor.  A guide is available to assist you in registering for the exam.
  • You need to schedule the exam a minimum 24 hours in advance.
  • Remember you have contracted with a live proctor to be available for you to write the exam at a specific date and time. If you miss this date and time postponement fees may apply.
  • Read the Instructions for Writing an Online Exam with a Proctor
  • Test your technology prior to the date and time of your exam (get support if needed) or when you receive your confirmation email.

7.  When your exam day and time arrives, have your Exam Access Code (EAC) with you.  If you have misplaced your EAC, click here to retrieve.

Registration Purchase Options

1.  Internationally Educated Professional Practice Exam (IEPPE) Package: With this purchase you will have access to the IEPPE study materials in a printable, downloadable eBook format for six (6) months plus one complete exam session.
Fee: $250.00 + $15.60 HST = $265.60
2.  IEPPE Rewrite: This purchase is for those who have failed one or more sections of the IEPPE. This purchase is for one exam session only. When you register below you will be asked to indicate which section or sections you need to rewrite.
Fee: $150.00 + $00.00 HST = $150.00
3.  IEPPE Extension: With this purchase you will receive a six (6) month extension to write the exam that you originally registered for. This purchase is for those who did not have time to write the exam they purchased within the original six (6) month timeframe.
Fee: $150.00 + 19.50 HST = $169.50

4. IEPPE eBook Extension: With this purchase you will have access to the study materials in a printable, downloadable eBook format for an additional six (6) months after your first six (6) months expires.
Fee: $60.00 + $7.80 HST = $67.80
5.  IEPPE Online Seminar: The online seminar provides you with a guided approach to studying for the IEPPE. It includes voiced over PowerPoint presentations on each chapter of the eBook, quizzes for each module and a complete sample practice exam. You will have access to the seminar for six (6) months.
Fee: $150.00 + $19.50 HST = $169.50


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