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Instructions for Writing an Online Exam with a Proctor

Instructions for Writing an Online Exam with a Proctor



A.    Prior to Exam Day 

  • Test your technology prior to selecting a date and time to write your exam.
  • Log onto the online proctor website to choose a date and time of an available proctor.  You must have purchased the exam package prior to registering for an exam.  If you attempt to write an exam and have not purchased the exam package, your name will be forwarded by the online proctor to the OACETT Registrar.

 B.  Exam Day 

  • Make sure you choose a quiet and secure location.  Exams cannot be taken in public locations where others are within speaking distance or may have access to your computer, or where you can become distracted while taking your exam.
  • ​The area you choose must be free of all clutter and distracting materials.  The exam is a closed book exam.  No materials of any kind, including scrap paper, study notes and study manuals, are permitted around you as you complete the exam.  
  • Make sure you have your Exam Access Code (EAC) as you will need this code to access the exam.   
  • If you have misplaced your PPE EAC, click here to retrieve it.  If you misplaced your IEPPE EAC, click here.

C.   Verification of Identity

The online proctor must validate your government-issued photo identification.  You will be asked to hold your photo ID directly in front of the webcam.  You will be asked to confirm that you are taking the OACETT exam and to confirm your OACETT membership number.

D.   Length of Exam

The length of the  Professional Practice Exam (PPE) is 3 hours.  The length of the Internationally Educated Professional Practice Exam (IEPPE) is 3 ½ hours.

E.   Conduct During the Exam
As part of our proctoring guidelines, the online proctor will view your exam setting.  Remember the exam is a closed book exam.  No materials of any kind, including scrap paper, study notes and study manuals, are permitted around you as you complete the exam.  Ensure your computer workspace area is COMPLETELY clear.  You will be asked to slowly rotate your webcam full circle (360 degrees) and show the entire surface of your computer and workspace area.

You are not permitted to talk out loud (including not reading the questions and answer choices out loud) or to talk to anyone or receive any assistance.  You must be in the room alone throughout your exam.

You need to keep your eyes focused on your computer and work area only.  You cannot look around the room.

No food/drink is allowed in the room.  A glass/bottle of water is acceptable.

No cell phones are allowed in the room.

You must remain seated at all times.  

There are three sections for the PPE exam and four sections for the IEPPE.  You will be permitted to leave the room for a washroom break in between each section.  Note that the exam time will NOT be stopped if you take a break.  Also note that you will not be able to suspend your exam once you have started a section.

If any abnormal behavior is observed during the exam, the online proctor has the authority to discontinue your exam.

F.  Questions During the Exam

Proctors are not permitted to interpret or re-state a question on the exam or lead you in any way in answering a question.   

G.  Exam Licence

At the beginning of the exam, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of the exam by clicking on the “I Accept” button.  These terms and conditions include such things as to not reproduce any part of the exam or the answers in any fashion, including by memory; and to keep confidential the contents of the exam and answers.  If you refuse to accept the conditions, you will not be permitted to write the exam. 

H.  Navigating Through the Exam

The exam is designed to move you through the sections in order by clicking the submit button at the end of each section.  You must answer each question to move to the next section.  You cannot move to a new section if some questions in the previous section have been left unanswered.  

I.  Candidates Re-Writing the Exam

If you are rewriting the exam, you will be provided the appropriate section or sections that you need to rewrite.  You will not be provided with the whole exam.
J.  Academic Dishonesty (See also Section D. Conduct during the Exam)

You are prohibited from using ANY examination aids for this closed book exam, including the following: scrap paper, study notes, study manuals, chat, email or other applications that can provide aid in answering questions, multiple monitors for displaying additional aids, 3rd party applications that allow other parties to access your exam in order to aid you, as well as any technology that would copy, replicate, or capture exam questions for extraction before, during and after your exam. If our online proctor detects any of the above aberrant activities your exam may be subject to exam termination.

All activities associated with your online proctor are monitored, and recorded for authenticity purposes. This includes audio and video, as well as screen activity. We adhere to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) regarding record privacy and access to your information.

If you have any questions about any of these requirements, please do not hesitate to ask the proctor prior to the commencement of the exam.

The proctor’s instructions and directions regarding conduct and procedures during the exam must be followed at all times.  Candidates can appeal a direction by the proctor with the Registrar after the exam, but must comply with his/her requests during the exam.

K.  Exam Results

Exam results will be posted on the OACETT website within two weeks of the exam date.  You may log in using your membership number and password from “Track Your Certification” on the OACETT homepage.  Exam results are not given over the phone.

L.  Disclaimer

The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists makes every effort to ensure that the online Professional Practice Exam and Internationally Educated Professional Practice Exam will be delivered as scheduled.  However, circumstances such as power failure, server error, severe weather, etc. may interfere with its delivery.    OACETT cannot offer any compensation regarding the inability to run the exam as planned caused by the above situations. 



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