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PPE/IEPPE Information

Professional Practice Exam (PPE) and the Internationally Educated Professional Practice Exam (IEPPE) 


As an applicant for C.Tech. or C.E.T. certification, you must pass either the Professional Practice Exam (PPE) or the Internationally Educated Professional Practice Exam (IEPPE) to ensure awareness of your legal and ethical responsibilities to the public, employers and yourself. Writing the PPE/IEPPE enables you to meet the high professional standards set by OACETT in the area of law, ethics and professional practice.

The PPE/IEPPE are online, on demand, multiple choice exams written with an online proctor from the comfort and convenience of your home or office. The exams are self-study and are based on Canadian civil law, the OACETT Act, Bylaw 19, OACETT's Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct and the IETO Terms of Reference. All of these study materials are included in a convenient eBook to which you will be given 6 months’ access when you register for the exam. The eBook can be downloaded and printed. An optional eBook renewal is also available.

You may apply to write the exam after you have received your OACETT membership number which will be sent to you via e-mail once your OACETT membership application has been processed. 

The PPE has three sections: Law, Ethics and Practice.  The IEPPE has four parts:  Law, Ethics, Practice and Enhanced Practice.  If you are a student or you completed your education in Canada, you will complete the PPE.  If you completed your education outside of Canada and have not completed your one year of Canadian work experience, you will complete the IEPPE.

You must pass each section of the PPE/IEPPE to be successful on the overall exam. If you fail one or more sections, you will only need to rewrite the failed section(s).

The PPE is three (3) hours long.  The IEPPE is three and a half (3.5) hours long.  When writing the exam, you will be able to take a short bio break after each part is completed if you need to.  Be aware that if you take a break, you will not be given any extra time to complete the exam.  

We recommend that you plan approximately two months of study time, three nights a week, in order to prepare for the exam. This will give you plenty of time left in your 6 months’ subscription to complete the exam, even if you happen to fail a section or sections of the exam and need to rewrite. To be successful on the exam you need to commit to a regular study schedule.

Do not delay in registering for and writing the PPE/IEPPE. With the exam available on demand online you can easily find a convenient date and time to write the exam and move closer to OACETT certification.

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Professional Practice Exam - Registration

There are three options available to register for the OACETT Professional Practice Exam.  Click on the option below that applies to you.

I am an Ontario full-time post-secondary engineering technology or applied science student

I completed my education in Canada

I completed my education outside of Canada

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you completed your education outside of Canada BUT you have already completed your one year of Canadian work experience, click on “I completed my education in Canada.”

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