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Designation Mobility

Interprovincial Mobility

The Canadian Fair Trade Agreement of 2017 requires certifying bodies such as OACETT to ensure that their certification practices are consistent with the principle of labour mobility. To facilitate labour mobility, OACETT recognizes and accepts the transfer of certified members between our organization and other similar organizations across the country.

OACETT is the certifying body for engineering technology and applied science professionals within Ontario only. In the same way, other provincial associations can only certify you within their province. Therefore, if you want to be recognized as a certified professional in a new province and avoid a misuse of title dispute, you must transfer your certification.

OACETT and a network of similar certifying associations across the country have had mutual recognition agreements in place for decades, meaning you can transfer in or out of OACETT with ease.

You may maintain your OACETT membership and certification while also holding membership and certification elsewhere. Dual membership is a popular option as it allows for a smooth return to Ontario and is convenient for those working in multiple locations. We provide a reduced dual membership fee for those who have moved outside of Ontario but wish to maintain their OACETT certification.

When you transfer your membership to another province or territory of Canada, the new jurisdiction will assign you the title they use. In the same way, if you are a certified member from another jurisdiction in Canada transferring to Ontario, you will be awarded the title used here. If you did not complete a Professional Practice Exam (PPE) as part of the certification process in the jurisdiction in which you were certified, you will be assigned the PPE to complete within six months upon transferring to Ontario.

When transferring between provinces you must speak to the certification body of your intended province. To apply to transfer your certification to your new jurisdiction, complete this form and send it to the association to which you are transferring. Remember that you may retain an out-of-province membership with OACETT at a reduced membership fee if you are also a certified member in another province. Click here for the current out-of-province membership rate.

For more information about interprovincial transferability, please contact: Michelle Billing at 416-621-9621, ext. 246 or

Working Internationally

Unlike some organizations, OACETT members may retain their membership while outside the province/country, by continuing to pay their annual membership dues. Annual membership dues invoices are routinely sent abroad each year.

When planning to work in another country, investigate the requirements to work as an engineering technology or applied science professional in that country. You must research and contact the suitable regulatory or certification body in your desitination country and apply for recognition with them. If requested, OACETT can provide you with a letter of standing and a description of our certification standards to assist in your application abroad.

OACETT’s protected titles are only protected within Ontario, make sure you are not committing a misuse of title if using your designation internationally.
For questions about working internationally, please contact OACETT at (416) 621-9621 or at

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