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I need an LET Designation

A  Licenced Engineering Technologist (LET) is awarded by Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) to OACETT C.E.T. members who meet the requirements assigned by PEO for this class of licence.  This information outlines the general requirements to obtain the LET.  Contact PEO for answers to specific questions or to apply.  Contact information is provided below. 
In enacting regulations to establish the LET, PEO has recognized the wider range of work engineering technologists are qualified to perform, subject to meeting licensing requirements. These requirements are demanding and in keeping with the need to protect the public. The LET is not intended to be a natural progression from a C.E.T., but for OACETT members who are suitably qualified and require the designation for their line of work; this limited licence creates a pathway toward professional advancement.
In order to be considered for an LET an applicant must first be an active member of OACETT as a C.E.T.  If you currently hold this designation, PEO requires the following: 
  • Applicants must hold a three-year degree or diploma in an engineering, technology or science program or have equivalent educational qualifications, with knowledge that corresponds to the scope of services within the practice of professional engineering to be provided under the limited licence
  • Applicants must demonstrate at least eight years of experience in the practice of professional engineering
    • with at least six years of the experience corresponding to the scope of services within the practice of professional engineering to be provided under the limited licence, and
    • at least four of those six years’ experience acquired in a Canadian jurisdiction under the supervision of one or more people legally authorized to engage in the practice of professional engineering in a Canadian jurisdiction
  • Applicants must pass the National Professional Practice Examination, administered by PEO or another Canadian engineering regulator.
  • Applicants must demonstrate that they are of good character through individuals who serve as referees in support of the candidate’s application by attesting to personal attributes such as honesty and integrity
  • Applicants must pay the applicable fees prescribed by PEO as well as submit applications and supporting documents to PEO.
Applicants will submit an experience record for evaluation by PEO and possibly be required to attend an Experience Requirements Committee interview.

If awarded the LET, OACETT members must maintain their C.E.T. and continue to pay OACETT membership fees. LETs (and other classes of limited licence holders) do not become members of PEO.

If you require further information about the LET or to access the application, visit the PEO website at or contact
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