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To verify that an individual is an active member with OACETT, please enter all or part of the first and last name below.
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If you are searching for a name that contains an apostrophe (ie. O’Neill) or have questions about verifying a member, contact the Office of the Registrar at or 416.621.9621, x 232.

Note: It is OACETT's policy to register members in their full legal name; this is the name that must be entered in our records, and that appears on the certificate. The legal name is the name that appears on the Canadian Birth Certificate, Record of Landing, Certificate of Canadian Citizenship or the Canadian Permanent Resident Card. We will accept a revision to your full legal name only if you provide us with the appropriate documentation confirming that the Registrar General (Ontario) or a similar authority in another province has approved the change. A marriage certificate is a valid document for changing the legal name.

Warning: The names of OACETT members are drawn from the Institute of Engineering Technology of Ontario (IETO), the registration arm of OACETT. In accordance with the federal Protection of Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act, OACETT has adopted a Privacy Policy to ensure that the personal information of its members is respected and protected. The information provided on this page has been provided solely for the purposes of verifying if an individual is a member and their membership status. Any other use is strictly prohibited and any unauthorized use may be subject to action by OACETT.


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