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I did not Complete my Education in Engineering Technology or Applied Science

If you did not graduate from a post-secondary engineering or applied science technology program you may still qualify for Associate membership. A minimum of one-year post-secondary technology academics is required for Associate status. A combination of relevant academics and significant technology experience greater than ten years may also qualify you for the Associate level. We will advise you of your acceptance after our Admissions Committee has reviewed your application. If accepted as an Associate, an academic upgrading program will be assigned. All Associate members must reach certification within 3 or 6 years depending on whether additional academics are required. The academics assigned will be similar to completing the missing college program, so you should be committed to achieving certification.

If you do not have the full academics for the certification level you are seeking, the admissions committee will assign the missing academic competency(ies) for you to complete. Typically, members take either college courses or OACETT technical exams to achieve this. Another option is available if you have significant technology or applied science experience of more than 10 years and have acquired the necessary learning in a way other than through formal post-secondary courses: Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR).

PLAR is a process which identifies, assesses and recognizes what a person knows and can do and is based on the premise that significant learning takes place outside of formal academic settings such as work, seminars, volunteer work, community service or self-study. It is not an experience review and credit is only given for learning that can be demonstrated and verified.

PLAR can help you get credit for prior learning so it does not need to be relearned in a formal classroom. It is focused on what you know and you must prepare evidence that the learning has taken place. 

After being identified by our admissions committee as a PLAR candidate, you would have the option of preparing and submitting a PLAR Portfolio instead of the more traditional route of taking college courses or technical exams.

A portfolio is a collection of materials prepared to document and validate a request for recognition of previously acquired learning allowing you to identify and prove your knowledge and skills relative to the missing, required academic competency(ies). PLAR cannot be used to replace mandatory courses such as road construction designation and refresher courses, or the certification requirements for the Professional Practice Exam or Technology Report.

The current fee for a portfolio submission and assessment is $406.85. You must submit the portfolio within one year from time of application. Portfolio assessments take approximately 8 weeks.

For further information and our detailed PLAR Portfolio Guidelines, please contact OACETT at (416) 621-9621 or at

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