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Suggested CPD Activities And Samples

Suggested CPD Activities and Samples

Over a 3-year cycle, members will be required to complete one half day (minimum 3 hours) formal course or one full day (minimum 6 hours) informal course or self-directed study from either the contributions to technical knowledge or management/leadership training categories plus 3 activities from any of the 4 categories:  contributions to the profession, peer and professional interaction, contributions to technical knowledge or management/leadership training.  Additional CPD completed may not be carried over into the next 3 year compliance cycle.

NOTE:  1/2 day = minimum 3 hours and 1 full day = minimum 6 hours

Members must complete CPD in either Contributions to Technical Knowledge or Management/Leadership Training categories.  The remainder of the required CPD may be taken in any combination from the four categories. 
If members choose to complete CPD from the Contributions to Technical Knowledge category, the must complete a formal course provided by a credible educational institution or training provider equal to one half day (minimum 3 hours) of learning;  or self-study or informal seminars, workshops, equal to one full day (minimum 6 hours) of learning.  All technical topics relevant to your career are eligible including such subjects as codes, standards, regulations, health and safety or emerging and evolving science, technology and equipment.
If members choose to complete CPD from the Management/Leadership Training category instead of technical, they must complete a formal course provided by a credible educational institution or training provider equal to one half day (minimum 3 hours) of learning or self-study or informal seminars, workshops, equal to one full day (minimum 6 hours) of learning.  Leadership or management topics such as: supervision, teambuilding, change management, accounting, continuous improvement, customer/client satisfaction, project management, globalization, sustainability or soft skills such as: public speaking, presentations, interviewing, negotiations, business etiquette are all possible topics that would be eligible.
Examples of activities from the Contributions to the Profession category are: being a member of a college or industry advisory committee, presenting at conferences related to your discipline or professional practice, writing technical papers, or articles that are published, membership in a membership in profession-related organizations or associations.
For the Peer and Professional Interaction category, some examples are:  job-related volunteering or community service in a volunteer capacity related to the profession, serving as a file reviewer or member of a TAC national accreditation team, subscribing to a discipline-related journal and writing a summary of its relevance to your job or interests, mentoring or serving on OACETT Council, committees/working groups, chapter executive.
The CPD program has been designed to fit seamlessly into members’ lives by encouraging involvement and learning in the profession you choose to call your own.  Make CPD work for you.
The choices are varied with options to suit your interests; or what you may already be doing.  Here are some samples showing how you might choose your four activities.

Sample CPD Activities

Sample CPD for Member One:
  • Attended a PreStart Health & Safety Review Seminar – Activity
  • OACETT Chapter Executive – Activity
  • Kept current on technical journal articles and prepared summary of readings – Activity
  • National Fire Code of Canada – Full day of self-directed technical study
Sample CPD for Member Two:
  • Member of IETO’s admissions committee – Activity                                    
  • Professional Development performed for OBOA Membership – Activity  
  • Attended ½ day Negotiations workshop Activity or Formal Management/Leadership Training (only count as one or the other)
  • Completed 3 day upgrading course on Storm Water Management Ponds – Formal Technical Course                                                              ​
Sample CPD for Member Three:
  • TAC Accreditation team member – Activity
  • Professional Development performed for IEEE Membership  Activity
  • Mentor of new OACETT Chapter members Activity
  • Completed ½ day course on pressure valves – Formal Technical Course
Sample CPD for Member Four:
  • Attended a Wastewater/Water Treatment Seminar – Activity
  • Participated in National Engineering Month – Activity
  • Member of Government Relations Committee – Activity
  • Attended ½ day Leadership course – Formal Management or Leadership Course
Sample CPD for Member Five:
  • Attended 2 day technical conference on risk management and prepared summary Activity
  • Kept current on journal articles Activity
  • Member of college Program Advisory Committee – Activity
  • Completed 1 full day course on pressure valves – Informal Technical Course
If members are not close to a PD provider, they can use the internet or other resources for self-study.  With more and more free courses available over the internet, members will find it is easy to comply.  We also encourage interaction with others – the value and opportunities found through or while networking cannot be stressed enough.
We want members to make this program work for them; for it to be relevant to their careers and to their professional goals.
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