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CPD Courses/Activities

CPD Courses/Activities

Here are some continuing professional development opportunities that partner organizations have opened up to our members.

7 Axioms of Value Creation (OACETT members receive a 30% discount; use code OACETT)

Gain the edge and learn about the code for success in today's disruptives times.   In his unique online training series Ian helps shape critical thinking concepts that prepare you for a future which is technology driven and approaching more rapidly than we could ever anticipate. Access this breakthrough learning in a convenient online format and learn from the comfort of your home or office. 

Presenter:  Ian Khan is the principal of FUTURACY Institute of Thought Leadership and was the speaker at OACETT's 2018 AGM and Conference:  CPD Session
He is a Technology Futurist featured on CNN, a Forbes Contributor, and the author of "7 Axioms of Value Creation".  Ian has been on the TEDx stage as a speaker three times. As a leadership author and trainer, he extensively tours globally and teaches his 7-Axioms of Value Creation methodology.  Ian  is also the host and creator of “Blockchain City”, a documentary capturing the adoption of Blockchain technology by cities worldwide.  An expert in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and the convergence of technology, he is a globally renowned technology expert and thought leader.

The following are included for $275:
  1. Introduction to the 7 Axioms of Value Creation Course (certificate issued on completion  (CPD approved for 2 hours under the leadership category)
  2. eCopy of the 7 Axioms of Value Creation (write a short summary after reading the eCopy (CPD approved for 2 hours under the leadership category)
  3. PowerPoint Presentation 
  4. Video of the CPD Session at the AGM (write a short summary on what was learned, or on the importance of emerging technology and how engineering and applied science technicians and technologists need to understand and action this change. (CPD approved for 2 hours under the leadership category)
  5. Introduction to Today’s Technology Power Era Video
Approved for one continuing professional development activity under the leadership/management category if completion of 1, 2, and 4.


Lean White Belt Certification Training - Session 2 Registration is limited with a cut-off time of June 18th, 2018 (midnight)
Saturday, June 23, 2018
Rim Park  Manulife Financial Sportsplex and Healthy Living Centre
2001 University Ave. East
Waterloo ON  N2K 4K4

This full day session is being offered to PEO and OACETT members for only $160, which includes a 60% discounted session fee, refreshments and lunch. The session is a one-day interactive, hands-on, simplicity driven workshop that makes lean thinking and lean manufacturing principles easy to understand through a "learning by doing" simulation.

At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:
  • List and identify the seven wastes
  • Determine what is value added and non-value added
  • Describe the impact of facility layout and set-up time on production
  • Calculate takt time and describe a “pull” type control system
  • Registration (8:00 - 8:30)
  • Introductions & Icebreaker (8:30 onwards)
  • Lean Principles
  • Basic Lean Concepts and Tools
  • Simulation
  • Summary (4:00)Who Should Attend
Those seeking an introduction to the philosophy, terminology and core tools of LEAN thinking. Suitable for everyone in an organization from senior leadership to front-line support staff.

Certificates will be given at the end of the session; which may be used for course fee reiumbursment if your company offers training refunds.

Presenter:  Kenneth Leung, Lean Master Black Belt, P.Eng
Lean Transformation Coach and a passionate Lean Master Black Belt with track record of successful enterprise Lean Transformation through management system and improvement initiatives delivery; combined with solid Lean knowledge and experience in a wide range of industries serving in both private & public, manufacturing & service, government & healthcare 

SolidWorks Essential Training
This is a 5 days training program and participants will learn how to build parametric models of parts and assemblies, and create production drawings of the models. This program runs every month in Toronto or Cambridge.   Check out the dates.  

OACETT member will receive a 40%.  When registering online, put OACETT under the company section to receive the discount.

JM Consulting is a specialized, boutique-style consulting agency dedicated to providing customized professional development and program management services to organizations. 

May 3, 2018
Mississauga ON

In this comprehensive workshop, we will review the new requirements set out in the Federal Hazardous Products Act (HPA) and the Regulations (HPR), administered by Health Canada. We will also study the WMHIS Pictograms of 2015 and 1988.

Participants will also learn about supplier and work place labels, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and routes of entry into the body. Discussions around understanding hazards and how to control hazards using PPE will also take place.

Finally, we will cover emergency actions, first aid processes and understand what the responsibilities and rights are of employers and employees.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the changes made to WHMIS
  • Have knowledge of the Hazardous Products Act and apply the Regulations
  • Know how to read and understand the MSDS and SDS
  • Know the location of the MSDS and SDS sheets in your workplace
  • Be able to identify a supplier label and make a workplace label
  • Be aware of any hazards in their workplace and know how to handle them safely
  • Be able to identify the basic principles of emergency planning
October 1-5, 2018
Barrie ON

The Legal Process course is intended as an introduction to the legal process for all Building Code practitioners including building officials and designers. This course can also be an excellent training and preparation tool for persons preparing to write the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Legal qualification examination. 

Gain a basic knowledge of the legal process related to building code administration, roles and responsibilities of all practitioners, and the course is designed to help prepare individuals to write the Ministry of Municipal Affairs legal qualification examination, a requirement for all areas of Ministry qualifications. 

Participants are encouraged to complete all Chapters of the course. Some Chapters are intended for all code practitioners while others provide information for Chief Building Officials, aspiring CBO's, Inspectors who have the same powers and duties as the CBO in relation to sewage systems or plumbing, Inspectors who are Supervisors and Managers of Inspectors and Registered Code Agencies. 

At the end of this course, participants will have an understanding of:
  • The Roles and the Legal Framework of the Act
  • The Various Qualifications and Registration under the Act and the Code
  • Permit Applications and the Issuance Process for Permits
  • Exercising Lawful Entry 
  • The Inspection and Compliance Processes
  • The Occupancy Process
  • Co-operation, Conflict and Dispute Resolution under the Act
  • Offences, Liability and Immunity from Actions
  • Change of Use and Renovations
  • Complying with Division B
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