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CPD Courses/Activities

CPD Courses/Activities

Here are some continuing professional development opportunities that partner organizations have opened up to our members.

Building Envelope Council Ottawa Region
Sala San Marco | 215 Preston Street | Ottawa
Noon to 2:00 pm 
Registrar for this seminar before Monday, January 21, 2019, at 2 pm.
Cost:  Individual and Corporate Members - $35; Non-Members - $60

Lunch and Learn -Making the Peg Fit the Hole:  The new CSA-A440.4-2018 Window, Door & Skylight Installation Standard

The third edition of CSA A440.4 Window, Door and Skylight Installation was released last fall.  A team of industry experts, led by the speaker, extensively revised the standard to include up-to-date installation materials and techniques for new construction installation and existing fenestration product replacement in low-rise buildings in Canada.  Like previous editions, the new CSA-A440.4-2018 blends prescriptive requirements where special attention is required and performance requirements where flexibility is needed.  Changes include revised installed product tolerances, simplified existing shimming and anchoring diagrams (and some new ones), new requirements for installation in walls with exterior/continuous insulation, as well as a simplified method for selecting when sub-sill flashing is required.  The presentation will also include a sneak peek at the next edition (what, already?) and a future CSA-A440.5 User’s Guide.

George Torok, C.E.T., BSS is a Façade Specialist with the Building Specialty Services group of Morrison Hershfield in Ottawa.  In practice for over 30 years, his experience includes building enclosure design, construction, performance assessment, failure investigation and rehabilitation, with a focus on glazing systems, in buildings of all types.  He is a past president of BECOR, Technical Advisor to the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada (SAWDAC), and a member of the Program Advisory Committee for the Bachelor of Building Science Program at Algonquin College. 

Developing Cultural Diversity in Your Organization FREE
This is a series of 19 videos recorded by Lionel Laroche, one of Canada’s thought leaders on the topic of cultural diversity and immigrant integration. These videos are meant to help viewers understand the true nature of the challenges that culturally different people often experience when they work together. By analyzing how the way we were brought up impacts the way we think and communicate in the workplace, these videos help viewers pinpoint the root causes of the cross-cultural challenges they may experience and provides concrete, tried-and-tested solutions that viewers can implement immediately in their work. By combining insightful diagrams and humorous anecdotes, these videos help viewers see the perspective of others and realize that we can end up with profound misunderstandings even when everyone involved has the best intentions at heart. These videos are highly recommended to anyone who works in an organization where the company picture is diverse.  Check out the videos today!

LEAN Yellow and Green Belt Certifications in the GTA from QCDMS Consultants

About the Certification:
LEAN (Toyota & Honda Production System) certifications are in great demand, across multiple job sectors (Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Public Service). LEAN is simple, and yet it is the most powerful business improvement methodology available. Through LEAN you can engage yourself and your staff to challenge the status quo and improve your organization's performance. Come & learn how to improve your bottom-line and "how to do more with the same".

About the Events:
CJ from QCDMS Consultants (Charanjit ‘CJ’ Bawa, C.Tech. PMP, Black Belt Lean Coach & Change Agent) is conducting 5 LEAN Yellow Belt certification courses and 2 Green Belt certification courses in the next 7 months. After the training, you will be given the opportunity to visit a TOYOTA or HONDA plant (at no additional cost), to witness all the classroom lessons in action. To register or learn more follow the link above or email CJ at Be sure to inform CJ of your OACETT membership to receive a discount on your LEAN training.

Utility Infrastructure Awareness ONLINE
Ontario's Only Utility Infrastructure Awareness Education Solution 
Cost:  $113.00
  • Take Ownership of Your Safety
  • Reduce Utility Infrastructure Damages
  • Stay in Compliance
  • Increase Your Safety Culture
This e-learning program gives everyone involved on excavation projects the awareness and knowledge to stay safe and reduce utility infrastructure damages when excavating.  Instructions on how to register.

Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps​ (offered by the Ministry of Labour)  FREE
This training introduces workers to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. It focuses on the health and safety rights and responsibilities of workers, supervisors and employers. It also serves as a general introduction to workplace health and safety.   Workers can use this free training program as one way to meet the minimum training required by the Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training regulation. The program can be completed using the workbook or the eLearning module.
te key success factors and showcase unique initiatives that could be adapted and implemented in various jurisdictions.
Helping Municipalities to Identify Appropriate Rehab Technologies for Sewers
Date:  January 22, 2018
Location:  Mississauga Grand

Many municipalities have collected a large amount of CCTV data on sewers and manholes. However, they often struggle to use the inspection data to answer three fundamental questions: What assets should be fixed? When they should be fixed? and How they should be fixed?

This workshop to help municipalities identify appropriate renewal techniques based on the condition assessment data. Attendees will learn about the tools to aid data management and decision making. Furthermore, benefits and limitations of various sewer pipe rehabilitation techniques will be discussed.

7:30        8:00      Registration and Breakfast
8:00        8:30      Introduction - What do I do with my Inspection Data?
8:30        9:00      Using Condition Assessment Data for Deterioration Modeling and Forecasting Future Condition of Sewers
9:00        9:30      Case Study: Report Actions-based on Custom Decision Making Process Programs
9:30       10:00     NASSCO Tool: Assigning Rehabilitation with a List of Contractors
10:00     10:15     Networking and Coffee Break
10:15     10:45     Using Software to Map, Identify Priorities and Assign Rehab to Alleviate Staffing Constraints
10:45     11:15     Rehabilitation of Sewers and Laterals using CIPP
11:15     11:45     Other Lining Methods and When it would be Advantageous to Use Them
11:45     12:45     Lunch
12:45     13:15     Structural Spot Repair Technologies
13:15     13:45     Structural Sewer Pipe Replacement Options
13:45     14:15     Sewer Grouting - Resolving Infiltration
14:15     14:30     Networking and Coffee Break
14:30     15:00     Spray Liners in Sewers
15:00     15:30     Link Pipe and Rubber Seals for Fixing Separated and Offset Joints
15:30     16:00     Pipe Maintenance: Cutting, Reaming, and Flushing
* Subject to modifications

The Canadian Water Summit (CWS) and Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) are excited to announce “Water Week at Blue”, a collaboration of two of the nation’s premier water events. 

Week-long programming will include multiple plenary and individual sessions, tailored workshops, two awards banquets, a combined exhibition area, technical tours and field trips, a “Women in Water” brunch, policy leaders dialogue meeting, fun outdoor activities, and other engaging networking events: Student and Young Professional’s and delegate ice-breaker receptions, plus the annual general meetings for CWRA and affiliates. In addition to the broad reach of our collective partners, supporters, and media sponsors, the CWS/CWRA collaboration will leverage branches, affiliates, and programs across Canada that provide a national stage for informed water conversations.

Register today! Book your room!


7 Axioms of Value Creation (OACETT members receive a 30% discount; use code OACETT)

Gain the edge and learn about the code for success in today's disruptives times.   In his unique online training series Ian helps shape critical thinking concepts that prepare you for a future which is technology driven and approaching more rapidly than we could ever anticipate. Access this breakthrough learning in a convenient online format and learn from the comfort of your home or office. 

Presenter:  Ian Khan is the principal of FUTURACY Institute of Thought Leadership and was the speaker at OACETT's 2018 AGM and Conference:  CPD Session
He is a Technology Futurist featured on CNN, a Forbes Contributor, and the author of "7 Axioms of Value Creation".  Ian has been on the TEDx stage as a speaker three times. As a leadership author and trainer, he extensively tours globally and teaches his 7-Axioms of Value Creation methodology.  Ian  is also the host and creator of “Blockchain City”, a documentary capturing the adoption of Blockchain technology by cities worldwide.  An expert in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and the convergence of technology, he is a globally renowned technology expert and thought leader.

The following are included for $275:
  1. Introduction to the 7 Axioms of Value Creation Course (certificate issued on completion  (CPD approved for 2 hours under the leadership category)
  2. eCopy of the 7 Axioms of Value Creation (write a short summary after reading the eCopy (CPD approved for 2 hours under the leadership category)
  3. PowerPoint Presentation 
  4. Video of the CPD Session at the AGM (write a short summary on what was learned, or on the importance of emerging technology and how engineering and applied science technicians and technologists need to understand and action this change. (CPD approved for 2 hours under the leadership category)
  5. Introduction to Today’s Technology Power Era Video
Approved for one continuing professional development activity under the leadership/management category if completion of 1, 2, and 4.
SolidWorks Essential Training
This is a 5 days training program and participants will learn how to build parametric models of parts and assemblies, and create production drawings of the models. This program runs every month in Toronto or Cambridge.   Check out the dates.  

OACETT member will receive a 40%.  When registering online, put OACETT under the company section to receive the discount.
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