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CPD Video Announcement

OACETT invites you to watch a video message from OACETT executives on the relevance of continuing professional development (CPD) and the rationale behind OACETT’s desire to make CPD mandatory.

In the video OACETT executives talk candidly about the importance of remaining competent throughout our working lives, the benefits of CPD, who the program applies to and the components of the OACETT program.  The CPD has been designed to be flexible with many options to reach compliance.  Three activities plus one formal course or self-study option would be required in each three-year cycle.

In this information-packed video, OACETT leaders also highlight the importance of aligning technology professionals with the majority of professions in Ontario and investing in yourself no matter where you are in your career.

OACETT Council voted to make CPD mandatory at the September 18-19 meeting.   Beginning January 1, 2016, members will be required to participate in ongoing professional development to uphold membership with OACETT.

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