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Sample CPD Activities

Remember that there are four categories of CPD activities in the OACETT CPD program: 
  1. Contributions to Technical Knowledge
  2. Management/Leadership Training
  3. Contributions to the Profession
  4. Peer and Professional Interaction
Over a 3-year cycle, you are required to complete 4 activities. One activity must be from either the Contributions to Technical Knowledge OR Management/Leadership Training categories. Any activity in those two categories must be a formal course at least 3 hours in length, or an informal course or self-directed study at least 6 hours in length.

The other three activities can be from any of the 4 categories; however, any activity in either the Contributions to Technical Knowledge or Management/Leadership Training categories must also meet the same minimum time requirements given above.

First aid and Microsoft Office training do not qualify as CPD activities.
CPD you complete over and above the CPD required by OACETT cannot be carried over into the next 3-year compliance cycle; CPD must be on-going throughout your career. Also note that if you are not located near a CPD course provider, you can use online courses or internet-based resources for self-study instead. See CPD Providers for helpful suggestions.
The four categories and example activities for each category are illustrated in the diagram below. 

Here are some real examples of the CPD completed by OACETT members that meet the requirements of the OACETT CPD Program. The first row is the mandatory activity from either the Contributions to Technical Knowledge or Management/Leadership Training categories and therefore meets the minimum length requirements of 3 hours for formal training and 6 hours for informal training. The remaining rows are activities from any of the four categories. Note that activities in Technical Knowledge or Management/Leadership beyond the first still meet the minimum length requirements.

Member 1:
Member 2:
Member 3:
Member 4:
Member 5:
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