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College and University CPD

The labour market is shifting. The skills gap in Canada is continuing to grow and lifelong learning has become a necessity. To answer the new demand, formal educational institutions are strengthening their continuing education departments. Any of Ontario's colleges or universities can provide you with a range of acceptable CPD activities. Read on for specific programs that may be of interest.

Athabasca University Online.
Originally based in Athabasca Alberta, Athabasca University is "Canada's Open Online University". Athabasca's education is entirely online and they are accredited to distribute Bachelor's, Master's, and doctoral degrees. Many classes can be applied to the Management/Leadership CPD category but AU does not have an engineering department and has few options for the Technical Knowledge CPD category.

Athabasca University offers credit to Certified members towads a Bachelors of Management. Upgrade now and earn your BMgmt entirely online.

eCampus Ontario. Online.
Allows you to search through online classes offered by Ontario's formal institutions of higher learning, both colleges and universities.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Online. Free.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is famous as the pinnacle of STEM education. They have generously published virtually all course content online for free public access. This is an excellent resource for self-study.

Ontario Colleges. Online, In-person, Onsite.
A list of all Ontario colleges

Stanford Online. Online.
Stanford, the highly regarded American university, offers many classes with open enrollment. These classes are available in virtually every subject, including engineering.

The Open University. Online. Free.
The Open University offers many free classes, including courses in Engineering. While the introductory courses are far too basic to be useful to our members, they do offer advanced classes as well.

Queen's University Faculty of Education. In-person.
Queen's University has developped a bridging program to transition technology professionals into education. This program allows a technology professional to use their workplace experience as a foundation to become a high school tech teacher. You can earn a D.Ed. in as little as one year.
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