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CPD Compliance

Compliance to the OACETT CPD Program
Participation in the OACETT CPD Program is required for all certified OACETT members, as well as Life and Fellow OACETT members, and Associate members not within a 3 or 6 year certification timeline.
If you are required to complete the OACETT CPD Program, then at the end of each three year CPD cycle you may be auditted for compliance.
Who is Responsible for Ensuring Compliance?
The CPD Committee of the Institute of Engineering Technology of Ontario (IETO), is responsible for OACETT’s CPD Program. IETO is OACETT’s certification department. The CPD Committee is a panel of certified members and is responsible for ensuring compliance to the CPD program requirements. Working with the OACETT Registrar, the CPD Committee conducts audits of the CPD documentation of members who have completed their three year CPD cycle that year. Many of these members are randomly selected, but others may be audited at the Committee or Registrar's discretion. Members are only selected for audit at the end of their three year cycle. 

What is the CPD Audit Process?

The following is the audit process for members selected at the end of their 3 year CPD cycle:
  1. The Registrar will select members to be audited for compliance at the end of their 3 year cycle. Members will be selected randomly, may be chosen based on results of a previous audit, an outstanding CPD declaration at annual membership renewal, or at the discretion of the Registrar.
  2. The Registrar will notify you that you have been selected for audit within 30 days of the end of your three year CPD cycle, ie. before the end of January.
  3. You will be required to record all of your CPD for that three year CPD cycle on the OACETT CPD tracking spreadsheet and send it to within 30 days of receiving the notification from the Registrar.
  4. You must submit supporting documents along with your tracking spreadsheet, such as certificates, transcripts, or proof of attendance, the documents must include the following information:
    • Title of the activity
    • Date of the activity
    • Description of the activity
    • Length or number of hours for activities in the Contributions to Technical Knowledge or Management/Leadership Training
    • Category of the activity
    • Learning method and delivery modality (e.g. in person, online)
  5. The Registrar will review your OACETT CPD tracking spreadsheet within 14 days.
  6. If necessary, the Registrar will contact you to request further information. This further information may include explanations, documents, and/or declarations relating to, or in support of, the information you provided in the OACETT CPD tracking spreadsheet.
  7. If the Registrar finds that you are in compliance with the CPD requirements, you will receive notification in writing and a reminder of the dates of your next three year CPD cycle.
  8. If the Registrar finds that you are not in compliance with the CPD requirements, you will be given a grace period of six months to comply. You may be asked to submit a compliance plan on how you will complete the mandatory CPD requirements within that timeframe.
  9. If, at the end of the six-month grace period, you are still not in compliance with the CPD requirements, your name will be sent to the CPD Audit Committee for a decision within 60 days.
  10. The CPD Audit Committee will consider the information that you have provided about your CPD on a case-by-case basis and make one of the following decisions:
    • Grant an extension for you to complete the required CPD. This is granted if you have extenuating circumstances
    • Approve your continued membership but provide guidance on CPD or select you to be included in the next audit
    • Remove your membership
How Can You Get Reinstated if You Lose Your Membership Due to Non-Compliance with CPD?

If you lose your OACETT membership due to non-compliance with the CPD requirements, you can request to be reinstated after submitting proof of compliance. Once your CPD compliance has been verified, you can follow the process for reinstatement found here. The reinstatement fee will be waived if you return to membership within one year after being resigned for CPD non-compliance. All other regular reinstatement rules apply, which may have potential implications on membership status. 
For questions about CPD or the CPD audit process, email
If you have been chosen for an audit, email
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