The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists

Thomas William Hopson Memorial Medal

The medal, created to honour the memory of a late-member of the Association who, up until the time of his death voluntarily worked to develop devices to aid the physically-challenged, is granted to recognize a single achievement or a diverse range of activities over a sustained period.

The medal is granted to a member, non-member or group, for work that is of a technological-nature and which is directed towards the service and betterment of humanity. It must be worthy of the inscription which appears on the medal, "for distinguished service to mankind through the application of engineering technology." It is not for service to the Association, nor for general technical work or non-technical community service.

The work being recognized could be completed on a paid or voluntary basis, as well as singularly or in concert with others. Recognition of the work in the wider community would be a major factor in assessing the nominee's contribution.

2018   Laurie Howlett
In recognition of his passion, dedication and effort in improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities through innovation.

2014   Alan Dale Lietz, C.E.T.
In recognition of his dedication and efforts in improving GlobalMedic’s disaster response capacity.

2000    Manuel Linden, C.E.T.   
For distinguished humanitarian service through the application of engineering technology.

2002    Vincent A. Le Faive, CBET ( c ), C.E.T.  
In recognition of his distinguished service to humanity through his volunteer work in Belarus setting up donated medical equipment and repairing existing equipment at the hospitals and diagnostic clinics.

1999    The Royal Canadian Institute   
In recognition of the Institute's sesquicentennial of encouragement and general advancement of science through scholarship and public education.

1997    C. Russell J. Weir, C.E.T.   
In recognition of his dedicated support of the TETRA Society in the application of technology to improve the quality of life for handicapped persons.

1996    Edward H. Snell, C.E.T.   
In recognition of his outstanding achievements in technological developments which significantly increase the quality of life for the physically disabled.

1995    J. David Holmes, C.E.T.   
In recognition of an extraordinary record of voluntary service to the Boy Scouts of Canada.

1990    Jan Drygala, C.E.T.   
In recognition of his leadership and achievements over a lifetime of voluntary service to his community.

1987    Lyall V. Smith, C.E.T.    

1981    Anne Hopson          
In memoriam of Thomas (Bill) Hopson

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