The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists


Staff Organization Chart

Administration and Finance

Web and Information Systems:

CEO; CAO; Board Affairs; Government Affairs:

David Thomson, Chief Executive Officer
Ext. 251;

Barry Hudson, Chief Administrative Officer, ePMO and Secretary-Treasurer
Ext. 271;

Debbie Marrocco, Manager of Board Affairs - ON LEAVE
Ext. TBA;

Alla Bondarenko, Acting Manager of Board Affairs
Administrative support for the Carole and George Fletcher Foundation
Ext. 231;

TBA, Corporate HR and Resource Specialist
Ext. 258; TBA

Daniela Rossi, Corporate Resource Specialist
Ext. 258;

Alla Bondarenko, Executive Assistant
Administrative support to the Chief Executive Officer
Administrative support for the Carole and George Fletcher Foundation
Ext. 253;

Elizabeth Kim, Acting Executive Assistant
Administrative support to the Chief Executive Officer
Ext. 253;


Janice Meade, Manager Financial Services
Ext. 243;

Christine Murakami, Assistant Accountant
Accounts Receivable (payments by cheque, online banking, Interac, EFT and AMEX.
Official receipts for membership dues
Membership Cards
Ext. 226;

Beena Khan, Finance Assistant
Accounts Receivable (payments by Visa, MasterCard)
Membership cards
Official receipts for membership dues

Ext. 241;

Mariano Martinez, Acting Manager, Web & Information Systems
Ext. 261;

Anne-Marie Wang, Receptionist
Directs incoming calls to OACETT to the appropriate department or individual
Member Profile updates

Ext. 221;

Professional Affairs, Services and Government Relations

Sharron Leonard, Director, Professional Affairs and Services - ON LEAVE
Ext. 242;

David Terlizzi, Director, Professional Affairs, Services and Government Relations
Ext. 250;​

Melissa Wood, Manager, Marketing and Communications
Ext. 266;

Emily Sinkins, Marketing and Communications Specialist
Ext. 228;

Michelle Malcolm-Francis, Marketing and Communications Specialist
Ext. 225;

Trishia Tedoldi, Manager, College & Corporate Partnerships
Ext. 224;

Ana Sierra, Marketing Specialist
Provincial Awards Program and PASB
Ext. 236;

Karen Wong, Administrative Co-ordinator
Chapter support, Member benefit programs, reduced dues applications, 25, 40 & 50 year member certificates, application for stamps, rings, frames and use of logos, co-ordination of Technology Report Writing Seminars, and 
CTEN administration (member assistance, job postings)
Ext. 255;

Institute of Engineering Technology of Ontario (IETO)

Barbara Chappell, Registrar | Director, IETO
Ext. 244;  

Barry Billing, Deputy Registrar
Ext. 239;

Penny Connors,  Manager, Admissions and Certification 
Ext. 235;

Sherrie Machan, IETO Project Specialist
Ext. 234;

Audrey D'Souza, Administrative Assistant, Office of the Registrar
Employer Letters, Limited Licence/L.E.T., Technology Proposals and Reports
Ext. 232;

April Parnell, IETO Certification Coordinator
Exam Programs, Course Approvals, Reinstatements, Transfers, Certificates, PPE/IEPPE (Surnames  A-L)
Ext. 246;

Elizabeth Kim, IETO Certification Coordinator
New Applications, PPE/IEPPE (Surnames H-P)
Ext. 240; 

Hala Maski, IETO Certification Coordinator
Road Construction, Student Applications, Upgrades and Reclassification, PPE/IEPPE (Surnames M-Z)
Ext. 237; 




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