The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists

Nominations received for 2019 - 2021 Slate of Officers

Meet the Candidates

Polls open on March 10, 2019 but you can take the time now to meet the candidates.

You may review the profile of each candidate by selecting their name. You may also view each person's answers to a series of questions posed by OACETT's Nominating Committee, as a way to inform members about each candidate's views.

Past President Gregory Miller, C.E.T.
President Kimberley Pickett, C.E.T.
President-Elect Cam Johnston, C.E.T.
  Rosanna Baggs, C.E.T.
  Shervin Reyhani, C.E.T.
Vice-President, IETO Roy Mooney, C.E.T.
Vice-President, PASB Andy Dryland, C.E.T.
  Mark Gatenby, C.E.T.
IETO Councillor - Central Region Devi Richards, C.E.T.
PASB Councillor - Central Region David Cotter, C.E.T.
  Devang Gupta, C.Tech.
  Kathiravel Karunananthan, C.E.T.
IETO Councillor - Eastern Region King On Lee, C.E.T.
PASB Councillor - Eastern Region Dale Phippen, C.E.T.
IETO Councillor - Horseshoe Region Abdul Khan, A.Sc.T.
PASB Councillor - Horseshoe Region Salvadore  Ingraldi, C.Tech.
Regional Secretary-Treasurer - Horseshoe Region Anthony De Crescenzo, C.E.T.
  Satish Sharma, C.E.T.
IETO Councillor - Northern Region Carolyne Neron, C.E.T.
PASB Councillor - Northern Region J Charles Boulet, C.E.T.
  Richard Labelle, C.Tech.
Regional Secretary-Treasurer - Northern Region Donald Larocque, C.E.T.
PASB Councillor - Toronto Region Reginald Grieco, C.E.T.
Regional Secretary-Treasurer - Toronto Region Steve Barnes, C.E.T.
IETO Councillor - Western Region Christopher van Dop, C.E.T.
PASB Councillor - Western Region Michael Belmonte, A.Sc.T.
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