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Government Relations

Government Relations is included as part of OACETT’s Five Year Strategic Plan under “Communications and Outreach”, the objective being to “target government relations activities in support of OACETT’s qualified person’s priority and other relevant strategic and operational objectives.”
Government relations activities include advancing ongoing efforts in Ontario at Queen’s Park, nationally with Public Works and Government Services Canada, professional associations, and industry in order to promote the members’ interests, provincially, nationally and internationally – specifically by: 
  • Promoting and protecting OACETT members’ Qualified Person (QP) status;
  • Building the profile, image and reputation of OACETT as an organization amongst government decision-makers, key stakeholders and groups with which OACETT wishes to become better aligned; 
  • Arranging meetings with senior political advisors and elected officials to present OACETT’s issues; and
  • Providing strategic communications on how to deliver OACETT’s message to stakeholders, government decision-makers and the broader public.
Member involvement
OACETT members are encouraged to be involved politically in their local ridings, which will help raise the profile of all C.E.T.s, A.Sc.T.s and C.Tech.s. Local political involvement by OACETT members complements the Association’s advocacy activity, which includes meetings with MPPs and their staff, and attendance at political events. In fact, local activity by members will help to influence politicians on issues of interest to OACETT. Politicians, who are elected by local voters, are influenced most by their own constituents. 
Members are also urged to let OACETT know if they become aware of any proposed changes to rules and regulations that govern the work they do, particularly with respect to Qualified Person issues.

Email any developments that you learn of to

OACETT Government Relations updates from The Ontario Technologist
With every issue of The Ontario Technologist magazine, members and stakeholders receive an update on Government Relations efforts spearheaded by OACETT and our partner associations; regulatory or legislative changes that will affect engineering technology professionals, including Qualified Person and Right to Practise issues; and government and industry initiatives that will impact OACETT members. 

Read the most recent updates below. 
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