The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists

Council (Board of Directors)

Front row L to R: Shervin Reyhani, C.E.T., PASB councillor, Western; Salvadore Ingraldi, C.Tech., PASB councillor – Horseshoe; Bob van den Berg, C.E.T., past-president; and Greg Miller, C.E.T., president.
Second row L to R: Richard Labelle, C.Tech., PASB councillor, Northern; Sharon Reid, C.Tech., IETO councillor – Eastern; Rosanna Baggs, C.E.T., vice-president, IETO; and Kim Pickett, C.E.T., president-elect.
Third row L to R: Devi Richards, C.E.T., IETO councillor, Central; Bruce Elliott, C.E.T., IETO councillor, Northern; Andy Dryland, C.E.T., vice-president, PASB; and Lori Cornwall, LL.B., public representative.
Back row L to R: Mike Mooney, C.E.T., IETO councillor, Western; Reg Grieco, C.E.T., PASB councillor, Toronto; Cam Johnston, C.E.T., rcca, IETO councillor, Horseshoe; Mark Gatenby, C.E.T., PASB councillor, Central; Dale Phippen, C.E.T., PASB councillor – Eastern; David Crowder, C.E.T., IETO councillor, Toronto; and Dr. Misheck Mwaba, representative from the Heads of Technology.

Not pictured: David W. Brown, P.Eng., C.E.T., representative from PEO.


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